Psychology FAQ

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If you have questions that are not answered on the course pages, then why not take a look to see if they are answered here?
We usually consider students who are re-taking for the first time (i.e. – 3 years in total to complete A Levels, rather than the usual 2) equally to any other candidate. Therefore, if we were to make a conditional offer, it would ordinarily be for the standard entry requirements.
We understand that predicted grades are only an estimate. We will therefore consider making our standard offer to students with predicted grades of CCC and above.
Unfortunately not. We make offers based on the qualifications rather than the UCAS points, so three full A Levels are required.
We very rarely interview for entry to this course.

We are able to offer direct second year entry to a small number of suitable students for BSc Psychology (this is not available on joint honours courses). However this is subject to a few criteria. These are:

1. You need to meet our entry criteria from previous qualifications.

2. You must be taking the first year of a BPS-accredited BSc Psychology at another UK university. Your first year modules must map onto our programme of teaching and you need to be on target to obtain 60% or more in all of your modules and overall in your first year.

3. Your transfer is supported by a suitable academic referee (e.g. personal tutor or course tutor).

4. Applications need to be made via UCAS before the end of June deadline.

5. You might be asked to attend an interview.
 Your placement can be anywhere in the UK or it could even be abroad. We have a dedicated Careers & Placements Team who can assist with obtaining a placement.

You can get in touch with the Admissions Team in the following ways: