Reading lists

 What books will I need for the start of term?

A reading list is a selection of books or other resources recommended to you by your lecturers. You can browse the reading lists for all modules taught at Aston using our Module Reading List website.

You will not be able to access our electronic resources until you arrive, but it can be useful to know which books you might want to buy in advance.

Find out how to use the reading lists via your Like Your Library induction but you can watch a sneak preview video here.

If you would like to convert readings into more inclusive and accessible formats, you could use SensusAccess:

Rebus reading

Whilst it can be helpful to own a copy of the core reading for your modules, you do not have to buy every book that is recommended by your lecturers - that's where the Library comes in! We have copies of almost all the books on your reading lists for you to borrow from us or read online.

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