Serviced Scanning (for distance learning courses, part-time and placement students only)

You can ask for scanned copies of articles from journals and chapters from books to be made on your behalf. These will be emailed to your Aston email address.  In order to request a scan, please fill in the request form and return to us in the Library.

Please check first to see if the book or journal is available at Aston using Library SmartSearch.

If we do not have what you want you will need to use the Inter Library Loan service.

You may only request one article from any one issue of a journal, or one reasonable length chapter from a book. Requests for multiple articles or chapters from the same issue/book are not permitted due to copyright legislation.

Serviced scanning costs 5p per page.  Charges will be added to your Library record to be paid at the end of your course of study or when the amount reaches £50.  Payment can be made online.