Using the Library


  • Group study is available on the ground and the second floors
  • There are also 3 bookable group study rooms on the ground floor and a further 3 rooms on the second floor.
    L014, L017 and L018 (ground floor) and L207, L208 and L209 (second floor) can be booked for two, one hour slots between 09:00-21:00, Monday - Friday
    during term-time.
  • Quiet study is available on the first floor (excluding the Learning Development Centre, where there are group study tables and areas for students to work with tutors)

  • Single silent study is available on the third floor
    You can text us on 0121 204 4489 if
    you are disturbed by noise from other students in this area.

  • There is a postgraduate study room on the third floor of the Library towards the rear staircase.

Library 2 - MB 225

There is additional study space in Main Building, Floor 2, MB 225.

  • Library 2 is equipped with PCs, group study tables, a printer, power sockets and USB chargers.
  • It’s somewhere you can also get help as Library staff regularly visit the room.   
  • If you have any issues, then you can use the phone on the wall to dial through to the Library or use the Ask the Library Live Chat.
  • The room is open 24 hours.  Out of hours you will need your uniCARD to access the main building.

Social Study Space

There is additional social study space in the main building. These can be found in:

  • MB561
  • MB563
  • MB565
  • MB606


  • Laptops are available to borrow from one of the 3 self-service laptop cabinets in the Library, anytime the Library is open.  There are 2 cabinets on the Ground Floor and 1 on the second floor of the Library.
  • They can be borrowed by Aston University staff and students, for use in the Library providing you have your uniCARD.
  • Laptops are issued for 4 hours (battery life is approximately 4 hours and they are issued without a power cable or mouse)
  • They are issued to you on your uniCARD - you will need your uniCARD to return your laptop
  • You can log on to the University network and access your documents on the 'H' drive
  • You can use the Follow Me printing system.  
  • You can access Aston Replay lectures using the laptops but it is best to use Firefox or Chrome (not Internet Explorer 9).  
  • Save your work regularly to a memory stick, or your home drive, as the battery life cannot be guaranteed. 
  • The return time is given on the screen of the main cabinet at the time of issue. You can check the return time by logging in to your Library Record  
If you need assistance using a Library laptop, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Terms of Use

  • If you return a laptop late, you will be charged fines of £2.00 an hour or part of an hour.  Laptops cannot be renewed.
  • You are responsible for the laptop while it is in your possession. Please do not take the laptop out of the Library except in case of evacuation. 
  • If you lose a laptop, or if it is stolen, the full replacement cost of £500 will be charged.  Do not leave it unattended even for short breaks.

Laptop loans

Using your own laptop in the Library

  • You can use your own laptop anywhere in the Library.  There is Wi-Fi throughout the building and power sockets to charge your laptop.
  • If you would like to print documents from your laptop to the printers in the Library, then you may need some additional software. Please check the Digital Services setup guides for details.

There are 127 computers available for student use in the Library.  You can use them on a first-come, first-served basis and you can log-in with your university username and password.  There are computers on the ground, second and third floors.  The computers on the third floor are in a silent study area.  You can check the availability of computers in the Library here.

The computers have software available across the University via the AstonApps portal.  Please see the IT student software guide for further information.


There are printer/copiers on the ground and second floor of the Library. Printer/copiers can also scan to email (at no cost).  The printer/copiers are connected to the University network. 
To print and photocopy you will need to tap your uniCARD on the machine.

For help or queries if your card doesn't work with the printers contact the IT Help Desk: 08:00-18:00 Monday-Thursday, 08:00-17:00 Friday), email or telephone +44(0) 121 204 3445. 

When photocopying remember to tap your card to end your session.

Please make sure that you keep within the copyright restrictions on printing/photocopying which are displayed near to each of the printer/photocopiers.

Stapling your documents

If you want to staple, you can do this within the Printer Properties when you send your work to print or you can use the stapling facilities on the printers. 

Quick Print

There are four workstations on the Ground Floor reserved especially for printing from USB memory stick and H: drive. 

IMPORTANT: Your default location for saving documents, files and folders that you create while you are working is your H: drive.  Do not save your work to the C: drive (local hard disk) as all these files are removed on reboot. 

Additional information is available from Aston University IT Services

 Watch our short videos to guide you through using our different Library services, such as printing and borrowing books.

  • Always use your uniCARD to gain entry to the Library and never lend it to anyone else. Remember there is no admission without a card. Keep your uniCARD on you and take it with you if you leave the library (even for a short break). Please be prepared to show your uniCARD to Library staff on request.
  • Cold snacks (e.g. fruit, sandwiches, confectionary, etc.) may be brought into the Library, but may only be consumed on the Ground and the Second Floors of the Library. Hot food must not be brought into the Library. Non-alcoholic drinks are permitted in the Library, provided that they are in re-sealable containers. Users must dispose of their rubbish in the recycling bins provided
  • Mobile phones can be used for calls on the ground floor and second floor but must be switched to 'silent mode' on the upper floors so that the ringer does not disturb other students.  Mobile phones must not be used for calls on floors 1 and 3 - please move to the stairwells to make or take a call.

  • Single silent study on third floor at all times.
  • No smoking inside or within 5 metres of the building and e-cigarettes are not permitted.

  • Usage of e-resources is subject to terms and conditions.

Library staff patrol the building to ensure that the regulations are adhered to for the safety, security and benefit of all users.




You can use your uniCARD to:

  • enter and leave the Library
  • borrow books and laptops
  • collect your printing
  • pay any Library fines

Please look after your uniCARD and never lend it to anyone else.  Please take it with you when you leave the Library, even for a short break.

  • If you lose your uniCARD please contact the IT Helpdesk as soon as possible for a new card and to put a block on your card
  • If you have forgotten your uniCARD Library staff will be able to advise you on alternative study spaces and computer labs that you can use in the main building.

Please speak to staff at the Library Reception desk or contact Security in the Main Building. Valuable items are taken over to Security each day. Other non-valuable items will be kept by the Library for a maximum of 1 week and then donated to charity.