Languages and Translation Studies/ISLS Research Seminars 2012/13

Photo of Seminar Room

4:00pm – 5:30pm

All welcome

Teaching period one

10 October       

MB554 4:00-5:30
Michael Legutke, University of Giessen, Germany 
CLERA Annual Distinguished Lecture

17 October                       

Stefan Manz, Aston University 
Constructing a Diaspora in Imperial Germany, 1871-1914 

31 October
Christina Schäffner, Aston University 
Press Conferences and Recontextualisation    

14 November          

Brian Sudlow, Aston University 
Technology in the Writings of Bernanos, Marcel and Ellul: la petite peur du vingtième siècle?

28 November            
Gavin Schaffer, University of Birmingham
Making Multiculturalism on British Television, 1960-80

5 December
Room MB750
Olga Castro, Aston University
Self-translation in multilingual contemporary Spain: Hegemonic positions and minority languages

12 December                        
Severine Hubscher-Davidson
Embedding Sustainable Development in Translation Teaching (joint LTS/ISLS/CLERA event)

For more information on LTS/ISLS research seminars please contact Prof Jim Shields

Teaching period two

Unless stated otherwise all in room MB753

23 January                        
5.00 pm start
Prof Rüdiger Görner (QMUL) The (operatic) tragedy of culture: Notes on a theme in Kierkegaard, Hebbel and Wagner                

6 February                       
Dr Hilary Brown (University of Birmingham)
Gender and Translation in Early Modern Germany

13 February
Prof Frank Lough (University of Birmingham)
Representations of Violence, Historical Memory and Democracy in Present Day Spain

6 March
Dr Graeme Hayes (Aston University)
Socialising Crime: Biography, Legitimacy and Collective Memory in the Criminal Defence Strategies of Social Movement Activists

20 March
Dr Severine Hubscher-Davidson (Aston University)
Embedding Sustainable Development in Translation Teaching (joint LTS/ISLS/CLERA event)

15 April
4.30-6.00 MB404D
Prof Birgitta Englund Dimitrova (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Speaking of translation - studying the translation process on the basis of translators' verbal data

17 April
5.00 pm start

Prof Jonathan Long (University of Durham)
'Tempo and Primal Forms -- the Temporality of Weimar Republic Photography'

1 May
4.30 pm start
Dr Helena Buffery (University College Cork)
Iberian identities in the translation zone

15 May
Prof Christoph Ehland (Paderborn University)
Bigger is better? The Scott Monument and Commemorative Culture

29 May
Room MB554 4.00-6.00
Prof Reine Meylaerts (KU Leuven)
Translation policies compared: Flanders and Wales

5 June
Bart Philipsen (KU Leuven)
Performing the Crisis: The Topic of the Recent Financial economic Crisis in Contemporary European Theatre