English Language Research Seminars 2012/13

Photo of Seminar Room

4:00pm – 5:30pm

All welcome

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Teaching period one

10 October       

MB554 4:00-5:30
Michael Legutke, University of Giessen, Germany 
CLERA Annual Distinguished Lecture

CLERA lecture

24 October                       

Urszula Clark (InterLanD) Aston University 
Tings a gwan”: Linguistic Superdiversity in Contemporary Minority Ethnic Artistic Performances
InterLanD lecture

7 November
Rachel Wikaksono and Nathan Page, York St John
English as a Lingua Franca: Implications and applications for UK Higher Education and International Voluntary Work
CLERA lecture  

15 November
MB750 4:30-6:00
John Kirk, Queen's University Belfast
Kind of and sort of as Pragmatic Discourse Markers:
How Similar are their Functions?

21 November          

Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, University of Warwick
“The guys would like to have a lady” – Gender and professional identity in engineering graduate interviews
InterLanD lecture

5 December
Jack Grieve (CFL) Aston University
Computational Dialectology
CFL lecture

Teaching period two

Unless stated otherwise all in room MB753

16 January 
NW805 4.00-5.30
Dr Fiona English, Institute of Education, London
“Cos you speak perfect English, don’t you!”: Language Assessment of Non-Native Detainees 
CFL lecture

20 February
Jane Gravells 
Nailing jelly to the wall – some challenges of gathering data for a linguistic investigation of representations of the BP crisis
InterLanD lecture

Elisabeth Wielander
Integrating content and modern foreign language learning in British higher education: The example of German
CLERA lecture

27 February
Mariam Attia
Becoming aware of the possibilities and complexities of researching multilingually
CLERA lecture

13 March
David Wright, University of Leeds
A corpus-based genre-focused approach to identifying idiolect: Implications for forensic authorship analysis
CFL lecture 

24 April
Maggie Kubanyiova, University of Birmingham
Ethical challenges in applied linguistics research
CLERA lecture

8 May
Pamela Rogerson-Revell, University of Leicester
Chairing international business meetings: investigating humour and the construction of leadership identity in the workplace

InterLanD lecture

22 May
Juliane House, University of Hamburg
English as a lingua franca:  A threat to multilingualism and translation?
CLERA lecture

12 June

Michael Handford, University of Tokyo
Exploring Cultural Identity in Professional Spoken Corpora
InterLanD/CFL lecture 

26 June
3.00 start
Rod Ellis, University of Auckland
SLA and task-based learning
CLERA lecture 

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