Politics and International Relations Research Seminars

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14 November 2012
4:00 MB757

Toni Haastrup, University of Warwick

Institutional Change in EU-Africa Relations: Implications of Security Cooperation

Toni Haastrup is a Fellow in International Security in the Department of Politics and International Relations and the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR). Her research has explored the increasing role of regional organisations in the global reordering of power, building on her PhD work on the dynamics of EU-Africa relations, particularly the interactions between the EU and the nascent African Union Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) of the African Union (AU). She has published articles, book chapters and working papers in this area and is currently developing new research that examines gender mainstreaming within the APSA in the context of the EU’s support, and completing her first research monograph.

21 November 2012
2:00-4:00 MB758

John Gaffney and Amarjit Lahel, ‘Imagining Leadership’ (first findings from Leverhulme Project)

Holly Snaith, ‘Multi level governance and economic policy in the EU’

Carolyn Rowe/Ed Turner, ‘The impact of the German federalism reforms of 2006’

12 December 2012
2:00-4:00 MB758

Christin Hess, ‘The Political Challenge of Managing Migration in the UK and Germany'

Simon Smith, ‘An Independent Scotland and the Implications for its Defence’

Joerg Mathias, ‘Financing Welfare Regimes: Reform debates in Western Europe’

30 January 2013
4.00-6.00 MB759

Professor Martin Dangerfield, Wolverhampton University

‘The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia: The Visegrad Group's Contribution to European Integration’

20 March 2013
4.00-6.00 MB759

Professor Lee Miles, Loughborough University

‘Denmark and Europe: Not Quite a Painful Choice: Reflecting on Why Denmark Still Retains her Opt-outs’

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