LSS Research Seminars 2014/15 TP2

"Reflecting on Identity: Narratives, Migration and Regions" 

Room: MB257
Time: 4.30-5.30

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Teaching period 2

Wednesday 4 February 
Enjoying the third age: A psycho-social exploration of life and identification in ExtraCare
Dr Karen West, Aston University

Wednesday 11 February 
A corpus-assisted study of the discourse marker ‘well’ as an indicator of institutional roles: Professional and lay use in court cases with litigants in person 
Dr Tatiana Tkacuková, Aston University

Thursday 19 February
Tackling tax evasion and aggressive tax planning in the EU: what can be done to level the playing field and ensure tax justice?
Dr Anneliese Dodds MEP

Wednesday 25 February 
On the Great War in European silent movies
Thomas Ballhausen, University of Vienna

Wednesday 4 March 
Development and other dirty words: The story of organisation development in Africa
Sarah Owusu and Judith Okonkwo, Practitioner Consultants in Africa

Wednesday 11 March
Understanding language teachers’ images of desired future selves: Assessing the promise of grounded theory ethnography
Dr Maggie Kubanyiova, University of Birmingham 

Wednesday 18 March 
Between Safety & Vulnerability: The exiled other of International Relations 
Dr Amanda Beattie, Aston University

Wednesday 25 March 
Little league’s hegemons: Considering new rising powers in a non-Western Setting
Dr Virginie Grzelczyk, Aston University

Wednesday 22 April
Roundtable on Archival Research 
Chaired by Professor Jim Shields
Participants:   Professor Maria Estorino, University of Miami, USA,
Dr Ana Vera Estrada, Instituto Cubano de Investigaciones Juan Marinello, Cuba
Dr Stefan Manz, Aston University
Dr Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Aston University

Wednesday 29 April
The identity dilemma: Perils of declaring who you are
Professor Jim Jasper, City University of New York

Wednesday 20 May
Evaluating the Strategy of NATO Expansion, 1992 – 2015
Professor Mark Choate, Brigham Young University and Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College