2015/16 Archive TP2

Room: MB257
Time: 4.30-5.30

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Teaching period 2 

Wednesday 17 February 
The OSCE and UNSC Resolution No.1325 on Women, Peace and Security: Explaining Incremental Change in an International Organization   
Dr Anne JenichenACE, Aston University    

Wednesday 24 February 
'I can't spell "tidying", suddenly': Displaying trajectories in police-witness interviews 
Dr Frances Rock, Cardiff University    

Wednesday 2 March
The Dead Hand of Corporate Political Activity: Reducing the Political Power of Transnational Corporations in Health Policy
Dr Gary FooksCCISC, Aston University 

Wednesday 9 March
The Great American Scaffold – Identity and Intertextuality in American presidential Discourses
Professor Frank Austermuehl, Languages and Translation Studies, Aston University

Wednesday 16 March
From Transition to Indignation in Spain and Mexico: Some Problems with the Definition(s) of Democracy 
Dr Pablo Calderón Martínez, Languages and Translation Studies, Aston University and Erick G. Palomares, Universidad Complutense de Madrid 

Wednesday 13 April 
Attributing the Bixby Letter: A case of historical disputed authorship  
The CFL Authorship Group: Jack Grieve, Emily Carmody, Isobelle Clarke, Mária Csemezová, Hannah Gideon, Cristina Greco, Annina Heini, Andrea Nini, Maria Tagtalidou, and Emily Waibel, Aston University 

Wednesday 20 April
Comparing English and German housing policy - tentative findings            
Dr Ed TurnerACE, Aston University and Susanne Marquardt, Social Science Research Centre, Berlin