Postgraduate forum - BAAL 2015

Research in Applied Linguistics: Exploring interdisciplinary working

This forum is designed to engage postgraduate students, academics and career advisors in considering how findings from applied linguistics research can be made relevant to practitioners.  In particular, we will consider how interdisciplinary working between language and the law, language and medicine and language and education can be fostered. 

Established applied linguists will be invited to take part in the panel to share their experiences.  In particular they will consider two modes of interdisciplinary working: communicating findings which have a practical relevance from researchers to practitioners; and designing and conducting research with practitioners. 

In all, this forum will help postgraduates and early career researchers to move beyond theory by engaging with the realities of applying linguistic research. 


Rick Iedema - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Penelope Eckert- Stamford University, USA

Tim Grant - Aston University, Birmingham 

Adrian Blackledge - University of Birmingham

Angela Creese - University of Birmingham