LSS Research Seminars 2017/18 TP2

Teaching Period 2
Room: MB146
Time: 4.30 to 5.30 pm


All welcome

Wednesday 24 January
Dr Caroline Gray, Politics and International Relations/ Spanish, Aston University
Political and journalistic representations of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona in August

Wednesday 31 January
Prof. Christiane Dalton-Puffer, Distinguished Visitor, 
Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, Vienna University
Cognitive Discourse Functions as an interdisciplinary construct for language and content integration in CLIL

Wednesday 7 February
Dr. Natalia Roudakova, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Losing Pravda: The press in post-truth Russia
This seminar is part of the research workshop “Professional journalistic practices in comparative perspective: the view from Central and Eastern Europe”, organised by Dr. Ilya Yablokov (Leeds University) and Dr. Elisabeth Schimpfössl (Sociology and Social Policy, Aston University).

Wednesday 14 February
Dr. Marcos Estrada,  Sociology and Social Policy, Aston University
Brasiguaios: Transnational lives and identities   

Wednesday 21 February
Prof Thomas Saalfeld and Dr. Lucas Geese, Distinguished Visitors,
Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration, Bamberg University
Personal experience or institutional rules? How legislative institutions and party organization  influence parliamentary activities of legislators of immigrant origin

Wednesday 7 March
Dr. Yaprak Gürsoy, Politics and International Relations, Aston University
Old wine in new bottles: The transformation of Turkish politics in the past decade

Wednesday 14 March
Dr. Elisabeth Schimpfossl, Sociology and Social Policy, Aston University
Russian Philanthrocapitalism

Wednesday 21 March 
Annie Heini, PhD. Student in Forensic Linguistics
An exploratory study of the language of police interviews with suspects aged 17 and 18

Wednesday 25 April 
Professor Luise von Flotow, Ottawa University, Canada
Trajectories in Feminist and Gender-Aware Translation and Translation Studies