LTS/ISLS Research Seminars 2013/14

Teaching Period 1

Room: MB 206 
Time: 4:00–5:30pm 
(unless stated otherwise)

  • 9 October 
    Prof Klaus Böldl (University of Kiel) 
    ‘Translating and editing the sagas of the Icelanders’
  • 23 October 
    Wine Tesseur (Aston University) 
    ‘Translation services at Amnesty International’
  • 6 November 
    Dr Henry Dicks (University of Lyon III) 
    ‘Bruno Latour or Edgar Morin? A comparison of two approaches to pluridisciplinary research’
  • 20 November 
    Dr Sara Ramos Pinto (University of Leeds) 
    ‘A close-up shot on the viewer: a reception study of subtitling practices and their effect on viewers’
  • 4 December 4.30-6.00 
    Dr Marcella de Marco (London Metropolitan University) 
    ‘Engendering audiovisual translation’

Teaching Period 2

Room: MB 568 
Time: 4:00–5:30pm 
(unless stated otherwise) 

  • 15 January   Room NW805
    Prof Joe Salmons (University of Wisconsin) 
    ‘Linguistic consequences of ‘ethnicity without groups’’
  • 29 January 
    Prof Martin O'Shaughnessy (Nottingham Trent University) 
    'Film, debt, governance'
  • 12 February   CANCELLED
    Dr Hélène Stafford (Aston University)  
    ‘Mediated Translation: the challenges of translating the poetry of Herzallah’
  • 24 February 5.30-7.00 MB564
    Prof Heinrich Detering (University of Göttingen)
    ‘Thomas Mann’s American Religion’
  • 26 February 
    Dr Kirsty Hooper (University of Warwick) 
    ‘Cigars, tennis, wine and mines: nineteenth-century Warwickshire and the Hispanic world’
  • 20 March MB552
    Federico Zanettin (University of Perugia)
    'Trends in translation research: a bibliographic study'
  • 2 April 4.30-6.00 
    Prof Elizabeth Dore (University of Southampton) 
    ‘Young Cubans’ voices: surprises of oral history’
  • 9 April
    Prof Hanna Risku (Graz University)
    "Beyond skin and skull": exploring interdependencies of environment and individual in the translation process
  • 14 May 4.30-6.00 room NX02
    Dr Axel Englund (Södertörn University)
    Opera, Sadomasochism and the Aestheticization of Sexual Cruelty
  • 11 June 4.30-6.00 room G8
    Dr Heiko Feldner (University of Cardiff) 
    ‘The matrix cannot be reloaded: critical theory and the crisis of contemporary capitalism’

For more information please contact Prof Jim Shields.