Discourse and Culture

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The meanings of both discourse and culture are highly diverse and contested. Laclau (1990) describes them as “floating signifiers” (Laclau, 1990), which take on different meanings in different disciplinary contexts. The interdisciplinary research undertaken within the “Discourse and Culture” cluster exemplifies this plasticity, covering elements of communicative behaviour (semiotic systems including language and other non-linguistic signs), their social effects, and social, economic, political and cultural contexts. Drawing on their varied disciplinary backgrounds — from social sciences, translation, sociolinguistics, ethnography, discourse analysis to cultural and organizational studies and business communication and discourse — members of the group seek to explore how these semiotic systems are used (discourse) and how they constitute reality (Discourse).

ACWME is part of the West Midlands English: Speech and Society project. The corpus is a database comprised of unedited sound recordings with accompanying XML compatible transcriptions  of locally based performances  -  comedy, drama, poetry,  song  and story telling - and related interviews with performers, members of the audience and local and national celebrities associated with the region.
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The  reading group aims to "investigate and critique the massified education system"  and the "discrepancies between what universities espouse as their stated aims and how they actually work (or do not work)" (Whelan et al. 2013). The group members engage with research that addresses issues such as the discourses and practices of neo-liberal managerialism, the commercialisation of higher education, as well as power, gender and equality in the modern university.
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This website is designed as a teaching and learning resource for teachers and students at advanced secondary/high school  level and undergraduate college/university students of English, English Language,   Linguistics and/or Applied Linguistics at universities worldwide, where studying variations of English is part of the syllabus/curriculum. The website centres around a Voices Map.

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Named investigator: Emmanuelle Labeau
Title: Mission Scientifique at Université Saint-Louis, Brussels
Funder and Reference: Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique, Belgium
Award: 10,000 Euros
Dates: February-May 2016
Summary: This 4-month secondment to Université Saint-Louis is meant to develop the work done during the British Academy Small Grant, French as Spoken in Brussels, by expanding the corpus, disseminating results and exploring ways of obtaining further funding.