Completed PhDs

  • Cynthia Caswell
    Programme Design and Professional Outcomes in MA TESOL Teacher Education
    Supervisor: Professor Emerita, Dr. Anne Burns (2011 – 2014) and Professor Urszula Clark (2014 – 2018)
  • Paul Moritoshi
    Intergrating Project-Based Learning in Japanese university and college EFL courses.
    Supervisor:Dr Sue Garton
  • Ioanna Ntampoudi
    Do economic crises constitute collective identity crises? The case of Greek European identity during the Greek debt/Eurozone crisis
    Supervisor:Dr Helena Farrand-Carrapico
  • Elvis Yevudey
    Bilingual practices in Ghanaian Primary Schools: Implications for curriculum design and educational practice

  • Shahreen Bashir
    Young people living with liver disease: a qualitative study of experiences of transitions.
    Supervisor:Dr Pamela Lowe
  • Claudine Borg
    A literary translation in the making: an in-depth investigation into the process of a literary translation from French into Maltese examined in-depth how a literary translation comes into being, and how an experienced translator approached the task.
    Supervisor: Dr Severine Hubscher-Davidson
  • Cody Edene
    Subjectivity and the discursive positioning of Saudi women in interview talk: A feminist poststructuralist inquiry
    Supervisor:Prof Judith Baxter
  • Ogareet Khoury
    Investigating the Translation Competence of Graduates of Bachelor Degree Programmes in Jordan
    Supervisor:Prof Christina Schaeffner
  • Jai MacKenzie
    The Discursive Construction of Motherhood Through Digital Interaction
    Supervisor:Prof Judith Baxter
  • Aurellio Ramos-Caballero
    Violence and humor in the Spanish Civil War according to the work of Juan Eslava Galán (Violencia y humor en la guerra civil española según la obra de juan eslava galán)
    Supervisor:Dr Raquel medina
  • Urania Sarri
    The Linguistic Impact of Migration: The Case of Albanian Immigrant Children in Greece
    Supervisor:Prof Gertrud Reershemius
  • Vicki Whittaker
    Social Change Performed Through the Practice of Allotment Gardening
    Supervisor: Dr Pam Lowe

  • Helen Donaghue
    The construction and negotiation of identity and face in post observation feedback
    Supervisor: Dr Fiona Copland
  • Amina Easat-Daas
    Muslim Women's Political Participation in Francophone Europe: A Comparative Study of France and Belgium
    Supervisor: Prof Jim Shields
  • Ferdiye Ersoy
    On the Periphery of Europe: An Investigation of The Construction of Turkish-Cypriot Adolescent Identities
    Supervisor: Prof Judith Baxter
  • Philippa Locke
    Exploring care relations in later life: disentangling notions of care and choice
    Supervisor: Dr Karen West
  • Elisabeth Wielander
    Something to Talk About: Content and Language Integrated Learning in Modern Languages in British Higher Education. A Case Study of German at Aston University
    Supervisor: Prof Gertrud Reershemius
  • Barry Williams
    Bob Dylan Fans and Followers: Expressions of Music, Culture, Fan-Life, Perception and Interpretation
    Supervisor: Dr Karen West
  • Qiaochao Zhang
    ‘Developing a pedagogical framework for teaching Chinese aspect markers le, guo, zai and zhe --- a comparative study of the Grammar-Translation approach and a communicative approach’.
    Supervisor: Dr Emmanuelle Labeau
  • Joshua Antle
    An Action Research Study with Low Proficiency Learners in Japan to Promote the Learning of Vocabulary through Collocations
    Supervisor: Dr Muna Morris-Adams
  • Suzanne Bonn
    Teacher use of Personal Narratives in the Japanese University English Language Classroom
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton
  • Andrew Boon
    Learner support and discovery in a virtual non-judgmental environment
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton
  • Essi D'Almeida
    Modern foreign languages classroom: is inclusion of all exclusion in disguise?
    Supervisor: Dr Chrissie Rogers
  • Jane Gravells
    From Icon to Naturalised Icon: a linguistic analysis of media representations of the BP Deepwater Horizon crisis
    Supervisor: Prof Judith Baxter
  • Sarah Hayes
    The Political Discourse and Material Practice of Technology Enhanced Learning
    Supervisor: Dr Carol Marley
  • Andrea Nini
    Authorship Profiling in a Forensic Context
    Supervisor: Prof Tim Grant
  • Kristjan Seferaj
    An Investigation of Albanian EFL Teachers' Decision-Making in Their Use of CLT-Oriented Textbooks
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton
  • Elizabeth Tanguay
    A systemic functional exploration of university seminar discussions
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton
  • Wine Tesseur
    Transformation through translation: translation policies at Amnesty International
    Supervisor: Prof Christina Schaeffner


  • Xuan Loc Doan
    EU-ASEAN relations in the post-Cold War era: An analysis of the impact of normative factors on interregionalism
    Supervisor: Dr Uwe Wunderlich

  • Haleema Ebrahim
    An Exploration of Female Leadership Language: Case Studies of Senior Women in Bahrain
    Supervisor: Prof Judith Baxter

  • Yvonne Fowler
    Non-English-speaking defendants in the Magistrates Court: a comparative study of face-to-face and prison video link interpreter-mediated hearings in England
    Supervisor: Dr Krzysztof Kredens

  • Eva Ng
    The Atypical Bilingual Courtroom: An Exploratory Study of the Interactional Dynamics in Interpreter-mediated Trials in Hong Kong
    Supervisor: Dr Krzysztof Kredens

  • Ria Perkins
    Linguistic Identifiers of L1 Persian speakers writing in English. NLID for Authorship Analysis
    Supervisor: Prof Tim Grant

  • Isabel Picornell
    Cues to Deception in a Textual Narrative Context
    Supervisor: Prof Tim Grant

  • Luciana Sabina Tcaciuc
    Translation practices at the European Central Bank with reference to metaphors
    Supervisor: Prof Christina Schaeffner

  • Rui Manuel Sousa Silva
    Detecting Plagiarism in the Forensic Linguistics Turn
    Supervisor:  Prof Tim Grant

  • Klaus Thiele
    Metaphors in Spoken Academic Discourse in German and English
    Prof Gertrud Reershemius

  • Samuel Tomblin
    'To cut a long story short': an analysis of formulaic sequences in short written narratives and their potential as markers of authorship
    Supervisor: Prof Malcolm Coulthard

  • Alexander Wochnik
    Governance in Foreign Policy-Making in Germany and Poland and Polish-German Relations - the Role of Non-state Actors
    Supervisor: Prof Simon Green

  • Karolina Wrona
    Structural funds and the knowledge based economy: a regional case study (1999-2009)
    Supervisor: Prof Nat Copsey

  • Agnieszka Ignatowicz
    Migration and mobility of new Polish migrants in England: narratives of lived experience
    Prof Gargi Bhattacharyya

  • Suhair Al-Alami
    Utilising fiction to promote English language acquisition
    Supervisor: Prof Urszula Clark

  • Randa Alsadi
    An investigation into the effects of processing instruction on the acquisition of English relative clauses by Syrian learners
    Supervisor: Prof Urszula Clark

  • Fabienne Bossuyt 
    The EU'S 'Transnational Power Over' Central Asia: Developing and Applying a Structurally Integrative Approach to the Study of the EU's Power over Central Asia
    Supervisor: Dr Uwe Wunderlich

  • Alexander Burdumy 
    Welfare State and Repression in the GDR: East Berlin 1971-1989
    Supervisor: Dr Stefan Manz

  • Simon Harris 
    Structures of Interaction in Teacher Training Classrooms
    Supervisor: Prof Urszula Clark

  • Amarjit Lahel
    Political leadership: character and performance. A comparative analysis of British political leadership, 1997- 2010
    Supervisor: Prof John Gaffney

  • Ahmad Ayyad 
    Translation and Peace: Arabic, English and Hebrew Versions of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiatives
    Supervisor: Prof Christina Schaeffner

  • Benjamin Bacle 
    Le prix de l’individualité : Maine de Biran, Samuel Taylor et la volonté, deux postérités distinctes
    Supervisor: Dr Hélène Stafford

  • Inès Saddour
    Relating two simultaneous events in discourse: The role of on-goingness devices in L1 Tunisian Arabic, L1 French and L2 French by Tunisian learners
    Supervisor: Dr Emmanuelle Labeau

  • Sarah Haas
    By Writers For Writers: Developing a writer-centred model of the writing process
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton

  • Nur Kurtoglu-Hooton
    Post-observation feedback as an instigator of learning and change
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton

  • Nicci MacLeod
    Police Interviews with Women Reporting Rape: A Critical Discourse Analysis
    Supervisor: Dr Carol Marley

  • Iztok Kosem
    Designing a model for a corpus-driven dictionary of academic English
    Supervisor: Ramesh Krishnamurthy

  • Ivaylo Gatev
    The New Neighbouhood Policy of the EU
    Supervisor: Prof Anne Stevens

  • Anna Gruszczynska
    Queer Enough? Contested Terrains of Identity Deployment in the Context of Gay and Lesbian Public Activism in Poland
    Supervisor: Dr Pam Lowe

  • Chantal Gagnon
    La traduction des discours politiques au Canada
    Supervisor: Prof Christina Schaeffner

  • Ting Guo
    Surviving in violent conflicts : Chinese interpreters in the second Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945)
    Supervisor: Dr Kate Sturge

  • Yvonne Henze
    Challenges and Limitations of Intercultural Training for Inpatriates in German Multinationals: A Case Study
    Supervisor: Dr Claudia Gremler

  • Teresa Zuhl (MPhil)
    Ethnic identity in a globalised world : the German community in Richmond and Kingston since 1970
    Supervisor: Dr Stefan Manz

  • Christophe Alix
    Une étude générique du metteur en scène au théâtre : son émergence et son rôle moderne et contemporain
    Supervisor: Prof John Gaffney

  • Muna Morris-Adams
    Coherence and understanding in informal conversations between native and non-native speakers of English
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton

  • Stefan Baumgarten
    Translation as an ideological interface : English translations of Hitler's Mein Kampf
    Supervisor: Prof Christina Schaeffner

  • Vincent Villardon
    La Transformation du Front National par les Mégrétistes entre 1986 et 1999
    Supervisor: Prof Michael Sutton

  • Sylvia Jaworska
    Teaching and Learning German Language in Higher Education in Britain
    Supervisor: Prof Gertrud Reershemius

  • Philip Quirke
    Using the Web to Support Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language Doing Further Studies at a Distance
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton

  • Christopher Nicol
    Reacting and responding in "TESOL Quarterly" : a generic analysis of procedure and purpose in intertextual critical exchanges
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Garton

  • Maria Magdalena Hernandez Alarcon
    La politique linguistique et l'avenir du Francais au Mexique : etude du cas de l'universite de Veracruz
    Supervisor: Dr Sue Wright

  • Jeremy Whistle
    Using computer concordancing for the learning of French as a second language
    Supervisor: Dr Pierre Larrivee

  • Elisabeth Ertl
    Die behandlung Englischen kulturgutes im wiener fin de siècle: am Beispiel von Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Hermann Bahr und Peter Altenberg
    Supervisor: Dr Rudiger Gorner



Sarah Hayes
PhD, 2015
My thesis: The Political Discourse and Material Practice of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) was a Sociological analysis of UK policy discourse for TEL in Higher Education during the last 15 years.


Joseph Siegel
PhD, 2014
My research investigated the viability of listening strategy instruction for EFL listening courses.


Luciana Sabina Tcaciuc
PhD, 2013
My PhD thesis explored how metaphors are translated into Romanian in economic texts and how the institutional procedures can influence the translation.