Eva Ng

Photo of Eva Ng

Current occupation
Assistant Professor in Translation, School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Brief outline of PhD research
My PhD research examined the interactional dynamics and their potential impact on the administration of justice in the atypical bilingual Hong Kong courtroom, which features a linguistic dichotomy between legal professionals and lay participants in an English-medium trial and the presence of other bilinguals who shared the interpreter’s bilingual skills.

 Why did you choose to study for your PhD in the School of Languages and Social Sciences?
I chose the School of Languages and Social Sciences because I wanted to work with Professor Malcolm Coulthard, a leading scholar in forensic linguistics and the then Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics (CFL) of the School ─ and my MA thesis supervisor at the University of Birmingham back in the 1990’s.

What did you find most useful about the PhD programme?
Studying for a PhD in CFL broadened my perspective on forensic linguistics as CFL is an icon for the study of forensic linguistics. Its strong affiliation with the International Association of Forensic Linguists (IAFL) proved conducive to my research and I have participated in five biennial and regional IAFL conferences since my registration for the PhD programme.     

How has your PhD helped you in your current occupation?
The theoretical knowledge I gained throughout the programme has consolidated my skills in both teaching and research in present position as Assistant Professor. My PhD has also marked the beginning of my academic life as a scholar and has helped improve my career prospects.