Isabel Picornell

Isabel Picornell
Current occupation
Forensic Linguistic Consultant, QED Limited, Guernsey, British Channel islands.
Brief outline of PhD research
My research involved identifying linguistic cues associated with deception in written witness statements and creating a methodology for standardising such analysis. 
Why did you choose to study for your PhD in the School of Languages and Social Sciences?
I wanted my research to be supervised by the leading light in the field of forensic linguistics, Professor Malcolm Coulthard. At the time, he was at another university. When he moved, I followed him to Aston.
What did you find most useful about the PhD programme?
The cross-disciplinary expertise of my co-supervisor, Dr Tim Grant, whose background in psychology and statistics was invaluable in adding new dimension to my work.  
How has your PhD helped you in your current occupation?
Definitely! In the first instance, it confers a credibility which is indispensable in my field. Second, the experience of academic rigour and discipline in research and testing permeates every aspect of my work today. Third, I have met the leading lights in my field through my PhD, and their friendship and willingness to help is a resource I would not have otherwise had.