Kristjan Seferaj

Kristjan Seferaj

Current occupation
Client Relations Executive (Ontario, Canada) & Master IELTS Teacher Trainer at British Council

Brief outline of PhD research
In my PhD research I explored the influence of communication-based textbooks on the development of EFL teachers in non-Western contexts.

Why did you choose to study for your PhD in the School of Languages and Social Sciences?
I took into consideration four main factors, namely expertise in my research area, quality of faculty, quality of supervision, and reputation, before deciding. Aston scored high in all these areas.

What did you find most useful about the PhD programme?
The way my PhD supervisors helped me to give shape to my reflective thinking by always being there for me. 

How has your PhD helped you in your current occupation?
During the last four years I have developed the critical thinking skills every lecturer needs. Additionally, I have developed considerably my communication skills, both oral and written. Deep thinking and analysis, and the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively have helped me to a great degree in my career with the British Council.