Simon Wilkins

Simon WilkinsCurrent occupation
EFL Lecturer, Tokai University, Japan

Brief outline of PhD research
My thesis explored the ways in which a systemic functional genre-based approach to language teaching assisted Japanese students’ conversational skills. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected, analysed and triangulated via an emic perspective, with qualitative data analysed inductively and quantitative data analysed through the Rasch model.

Why did you choose to study for your PhD in the School of Languages and Social Sciences?
I had a particular supervisor in mind who worked in the department when I was considering undertaking my research. The expertise of the department and their interest in my research inspired me greatly.

What did you find most useful about the PhD programme?
I received excellent supervision with prompt and constructive feedback at each key stage of my research. Despite living and working overseas I never felt that distance was a problem in getting the assistance and resources I needed. The administrative side of the course was also first-class.

How has your PhD helped you in your current occupation?
My PhD developed my research and teaching skills greatly, and has provided a firm basis for further professional development. It has also increased my confidence in my own research skills.