Current Research Students

You can find profiles from a selection of our School's research students below.


Tasneema Amanee
Street Harassment: The Case of Bangladesh

Céline Benoit
Religion in Primary School 

Ian Cushing
Investigating the applications of cognitive linguistics in L1 grammar teaching, as both a method of discourse analysis and as a pedagogical.

Luke Davies
Wolf Pups in Sheep’s Clothing: Youth Wings, MP Recruitment and the Gentrification of Social Democratic Parties in Western Europe. 

Said Dirie
The Market of Languages in the Horn of Africa
James Essex   
Hey Sensei! When you talk with me, could you speak with an American accent? Yer British accent is kinda weird: A quantitative and qualitative study 

Silvia Grant
Explaining NATO’s Post-Cold War Development Through A Compound Realist Perspective: A Comparative Case Study

Cristina Greco
Words of Honour: A Sociolinguistic Study of Language in Mafia Internal Communication

Liubov Green
The role of the courtroom interpreter in the legal system of England and Wales using the approach and paradigm of Social Constructionism

Michael Hamer
Augmented Reality as eLearning Innovation from a learners perspective

Annina Heini
A Comparative Study of Police Interview Discourse in Investigative Interviews with 17 and 18 Year Old Suspects in England and Wales 

Daniel Jenkin-Smith
Bureaucratisation and the Rise of Office Literature - 1800-1900

Lucy Jenkins
An analysis of student perceptions of plagiarism: a longitudinal study

Vlad Mackevic    

Somjet Muangpan 
Development and Evaluation of an English Teacher Training Course Using Local Cultural Cooperative Task-Based Instruction (LCCTBI) and Effects of the Course Application with Thai

Katherine Osgood
Translation, Gender, and Empire: Women Arabic Translators in Victorian Britain 

Konstantinos Plisiotis
Greece in Translation: Rewriting nation in translated texts on tourism and culture

Antonio Sergio 
Are the monetary interventions of the European Central Bank, the Fiscal Compact and the economic adjustment in Southern Europe turning the Eurozone into an Optimum Currency Area? 

Kelly-Mae Saville
Mothering Children with Dwarfism in an Age of Bio- Technological Advances; An exploration into the (Non) Mythical

Malgorzata Wootton
Migration and National Identity in Transnational Social Spaces - Comparative Study between post-WW2 and post-Cold War Migration from Poland to the UK