Elvis Yevudey

CCISC Research Student

Elvis Yevudey
I am a Doctoral Research Student at Aston University researching in the area of Applied Linguistics. I joined Aston in 2011 where I read Masters in Applied Linguistics with a specialisation in Sociolinguistics, and my undergraduate studies was in General Linguistics at the University of Ghana, Legon.
My research interests and expertise lie in the area of Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Bilingual Education, Language Planning and Development; and Language Contact in Multilingual Settings. My doctoral research explores monolingual and bilingual media of instruction in Ghana and the pedagogic relevance of these media of instruction to classroom teaching and learning. The research is carried out under the title "Bilingual practices in Ghanaian Primary Schools: Implications for curriculum design and educational practice". My recent publications explore the pedagogic relevance of codeswitching and translanguaging in the classroom in Ghana discussing how these bilingual practices can be adopted in the classroom to enhance both content delivery and second language acquisition.
I am an active member of a Language Contact Research group working on language contact in Ghana, Togo and the Netherlands with reference to the historical links between these contexts. The project was funded by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) the VENI grant (275-89-005) of Margot van den Berg (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen).

Email: yevudeye@aston.ac.uk

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