Corpus of French as spoken in Brussels

The Corpus de Français Parlé Bruxellois (CFPB) (Corpus of French as spoken in Brussels) is a project funded by the British Academy (2013-2015). Co-led by PI Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston University) and CI Anne Dister (Université St Louis), the initiative has benefited from the advice of the Corpus de Français Parlé Parisien’s (CFPP2000) team made of Sonia Branca-Rosoff, Serge Fleury, Florence Lefeuvre and Mat Pires.

The ultimate aims of the project are to parallel the work done in Paris by the Corpus du français parlé parisien 

  1. The constitution of a large open access online French database with search tools;
  2. The development of variationist analyses of common oral communicative French in Brussels (see Branca-Rosoff et al. 2011 for Paris), to contribute to the CFPP2000’s planned variationist grammar of French.

The specific aims of the present pilot study are to emulate and refine the experience acquired in the Parisian project. Specifically, it will comprise:

  1. The establishment of a collection protocol to gather a corpus of French as it is spoken in Brussels’ 19 municipalities. The sampling of informants will be based on Labovian variationist principles (Tagliamonte 2006). The semi-directed interview will follow the CFPP2000 guidelines and focus on discourse on the City (see attachment);
  2. The collection, orthographic transcription and tagging of a pilot corpus;
  3. The development of metadata: online interrogation tools, concordancers and textometric programmes;
  4. The open-access publication of data on mirror websites at the 3 co-leading universities (Aston, Paris 3, St Louis).