Professor Klaus Böldl, Professor of Scandinavian Studies,  Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Germany visited 30 September - 11 October 2013

Professor Böldl is a leading scholar in the areas of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies with a special focus on mythology and Old Norse Literature. In addition he is also a published literary translator as well as a recognised writer of fiction.

During his visit LSS held a one day international conference: “Contextualising Klaus Böldl” which was the first ever scholarly conference dedicated to the study of Böldl’s works. Prof Böldl also delivered a lecture on 'Editing the Sagas of the Icelanders in Retranslation' and conducted seminars on 'Literary Translation' and 'The Literary Scene in Germany' for final year students. He held a creative writing workshop for German final year students and held one to one meetings for LSS research students.

Montserrat Boix, journalist, Televisión Española visited 3-7 November 2013

Montserrat Boix is a Spanish renowned journalist, working for the TV station TVE for over 20 years as international correspondent in Arab countries and Latin America. She is also a well-known activist on gender issues, freeware and ICT as a means for women’s empowerment and social democracy. In 1996 she founded the feminist online newspaper “Mujeres en red” (www.mujeresenred.net), still running. Montserrat Boix has taught on all these subjects at UG and PG levels at different institutions in Spain and Latin America.

During her visit she gave lectures and workshops on student modules such as 'Spanish Language Skills' on current issues in Latin America; 'Spanish Media and Journalism', on her experiences as a journalist in TVE; 'Contemporary Spain' on “Twitter and social activism in contemporary Spain”; 'Spanish Language Skills' on “Introduction to journalistic genres: editorial, carta al director/a, etc”. She also delivered a public seminar on 'Media and gender in Spain: networking in Mujeres en Red - mujeresenred.net.' She also held one to one meetings with students doing the Spanish Media module, and final year students working on gender issues or Latin American politics for their dissertation.

Professor Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute Technology, USA visited 23-27 February 2014

Shlomo Argamon is tenured Professor of Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and has published widely in the field of computational authorship analysis. His work develops some of the leading edge technologies in text categorisation by writing style and in the classification of gender, first language and social background through measurements of linguistic expression.  Unlike some of his fellow computational linguists Shlomo has developed research interests in exploring more deeply linguistic frameworks and understandings which provide theoretical underpinning to his empirical advances.

During his visit he spoke at the Centre for Forensic Linguistics (CFL) annual lecture – this attracted an audience of about 80 that was regional and national and included students, academics, police and lawyers. He held student sessions including teaching on one undergraduate and one postgraduate module, and met PhD students. He also held one to one meetings – with all members of CFL lecturing staff and some PhD students.

Professor Mary Schleppergrell, University of Michigan, USA visited 3-6 March 2014

Mary Schleppergrell is Professor of Education at the University of Michigan, USA. Mary Schleppegrell's research explores the relationship between language and learning with a focus on students for whom English is a second language. A linguist, she uses systemic functional linguistics to link meaning and language structure in ways that illuminate issues in education. Her research projects investigate the ways language can be an explicit focus of instruction to provide meaningful support for students across school subjects and levels. Currently, she is engaged in a three-year project funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute for Education Sciences, "The iterative development of modules to support teachers’ engagement in Exploring Language and Meaning in Text with English language learners."

Professor Schleppegrell presented a seminar on her research, Supporting Language-Based Content Teaching with Metalanguage from Systemic Functional Linguistics. This seminar was attended by students on the MA TESOL programme, PhD students in Applied Linguistics, members of academic staff from Aston and other west Midlands universities, teachers from local secondary schools and education consultants. 

Professor Federico Zanettin, Department of Political Sciences,  University of Perugia,  Italy visited 19-21 March 2014

Federico Zanettin is Professor of English Language and Translation in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Perugia. His main research expertise is in Corpus-Based Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies, Corpus compilation and design, and translation of comics. He chaired a special panel on Corpus Analysis for translation at the recent 7th congress of the European Society for Translation Studies held in Germersheim from 28 August till 1 September 2013. He is the co-editor of Corpora in Translator Education (2003), of the online translation studies journal inTRAlinea and of the Translation Studies Abstracts Online database.

During his visit he conducted a seminar with PhD students on using corpora for research methods, delivered a public lecture on the topic ‘Trends in translation research: a bibliographic study’, participated in a seminar for MA students on ‘Using Corpus Analysis for Translation Studies’, and held individual consultations with colleagues, PhD students and MA students.

Professor Hanna Risku, Department of Translation Studies,  Graz University,  Austria visited 8-11 April 2014

Hanna Risku is Professor of Translation Studies and Head of the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Graz, Austria. She is the Co-editor of Fachsprache – International Journal for Specialized Communication, General Secretary of the Austrian Society for Cognitive Science (ASoCS), Member of the scientific committee of the publication series “Translation Studies” (Translationswissenschaft) of Gunter Narr Verlag Tübingen/Germany, a jury member and reviewer at different national and international journals, conferences, federal awards, funds and universities. Her main research areas are: Cognitive scientific foundations of translation; situated cognition; translation process studies; transcultural communication, and translation as computer-supported cooperative work. She is a frequent keynote speaker, e.g. at the International Conference Research Models in Translation Studies II, held in 2011 in Manchester.

During her visit she conducted a seminar with PhD students on 'Field Research and Ethnography in Translation Studies' gave a public lecture on the topic "Beyond skin and skull": exploring interdependencies of environment and individual in the translation process' and conducted a seminar for MA students on ‘Translation process research’, for the Research Methods module.She also  contributed to teaching and held individual consultations with colleagues, PhD students and MA students. 

Professor Hélène Blondeau, University of Florida, USA visited 7-11 April 2014

Hélène Blondeau is Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. She gained in 2000 a PhD in linguistic anthropology from the University of Montréal where she was involved in various research projects and trained in variationist sociolinguistics, including specific statistical tools such as Goldvarb. She is currently a co-investigator in a major research project on French on the American continent (Le français à la mesure d’un continent) led by Prof. France Martineau.

During her visit she gave lectures and student sessions on 'Presentation of French in Northern America' and delivered a workshop to share sociolinguistic field methods. She also held one to one meetings with staff.

Professor Thomas S.C Farrell, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Brock University,  Canada visited 12-16 May 2014

Professor Farrell is one of the foremost figures in language teacher education today. In particular, he has carried out  important and ground breaking work on reflective practice and language teacher education as well as more recent research into language teacher beliefs and practices. These are all areas of research that are relevant to work that is being done by TESOL members of the Centre for Language Education Research at Aston (CLERA) and Professor Farrell’s visit enabled them to benefit directly from his advice and input on their own research as well as explore possible links and collaboration with CLERA. 

During his visit he participated in a podcast on reflective practice for DL TESOL students, conducted a workshop with MA TESOL students on research methods, and was a plenary speaker in the CLERA Reflective Practice symposium.

Dr Axel Englund, University of Stockholm visited 14  – 17 May 2014

Axel Englund is a leading expert in the study of (German) literature and music. He has published widely in the foremost journals in both fields, such as Perspectives of New Music and The German Quarterly, and regularly held visiting professorships at top international universities (including recently Stanford Uni, Columbia Uni and Free University, Berlin).

During his visit he delivered a research seminar on 'Opera, Sadomasochism and the Aestheticization of Sexual Cruelty', held a workshop for PG students on 'Aesthetics and Gender', and held one to one meetings with various members of staff.