Video camera


A range of equipment is available to borrow from NX04 for use when completing assignments. Full guidance can be given and there are small "how-to" guides that accompany each item.

Video Cameras
JVC Everio Full HD camcorders with 40x zoom lenses, perfect for filming documentaries or presentations. Each camera comes with a power lead; USB cable; extension cable and mini-tripod. Full size tripods are available on request.

Voice Recorders
Capable of recording up to 200 hours worth of audio, these recorders are ideal for capturing interviews and group discussions. Each recorder comes in a case with a USB cable and spare batteries. 

Presentation Remotes
Featuring back and forward controls and a laser pointer these remotes are compatible with any computer or laptop and have a range of 15 metres, meaning you can control your presentation from anywhere in the room. You can even set a timer and the remote will vibrate gently when you are nearing the end - helpful if you're practicing sticking to a time limit. Each comes with the receiver and spare batteries.

Further specialist equipment (including Marantz recorders; directional microphones and foot pedals for transcription software) is available on a case-by-case basis.