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Where can I buy printing credits? 

(a) If you're logged into a PC on campus, you can buy printing credits online using a credit or debit card. Click the 'FollowMe Printing' icon on the desktop.
(b) There is a pay-point outside MB477 that accepts coins and notes. From the North 10th floor, go down two floors to North 8th and cross into the Main Building 6th floor. Go down a further two floors and take the corridor on the left. 

Where can I print in colour?
When printing, change the printer to "FollowMe Colour". The colour printer is located in MB477 (see directions above). Note that colour printing is several times more expensive than black and white printing.See this page for charges.

Where can I get snacks and drinks? 
There is a water machine on the North 10th floor. There are vending machines on the Main Building 6th floor which is accessed via North 8th floor.

Can I turn the heating / air conditioning on in the study rooms? 
Students can control the heating and air conditioning in three rooms - NX06a; NX13 and the Cadbury Room. There is a small panel near the door in each room. Press the "on" button and the system will start up for an hour. The temperature is pre-set depending on the weather conditions.

Can I borrow items from the library on North 10th Floor? 
These items are not to be taken away as they are generally the only copies the school has access to. There is a photocopier available in NX13 which can be used to scan sections of a book. These scans can either be printed; sent via e-mail or downloaded directly to a USB stick.

Why is NX04 closed? 
David and Dan may have meetings or teaching commitments elsewhere - sometimes at short notice. When this is the case a clock will be placed in the window of the door to give a rough time the office is expected to re-open. If you'd rather not wait, you can send an e-mail to Borrowed DVDs can be returned through the letterbox if the office is closed.