There are several rooms on the tenth floor of the North Wing that are open to students to use. The rooms are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week excluding University holidays. The corridor is locked from 9pm but can still be accessed using an ID card. Each room is individually accessed using an ID card at all times. CCTV covers the corridor and security regularly patrol to ensure student safety during evenings and weekends.

The rooms are very occasionally used for teaching or meetings so please ensure you check the timetable on the door before entering if it looks as though the room is in use.

NX06A / B
Depending on the week's activities this lab will either be one large room or two smaller ones separated by a partition wall. Each computer is equipped with headphones - a small card on the computer will explain how to use your own if you prefer. There is a table in the center of each room with a pull-down power cable if required. There is also a computer connected to a screen for presentations and a black and white FollowMe printer in both rooms. NX06A has user-controlled heating and air-conditioning.

A smaller room with fewer computers which might be better for small-group working. There is a large table and students are encouraged to bring their own devices and connect to the University Wi-Fi. The "Tell Me More" language and pronunciation software is installed on the computers in this room. There is also a black and white FollowMe printer capable of scanning and photocopying; as well as user-controlled heating and air conditioning.

The computers in this lab are clustered in groups which makes it ideal for team-working. There is a computer connected to a screen for presentations, and whiteboards on either side of the room.

Cadbury Room
The Cadbury Room is perfect for collaborative work. It features a large boardroom-style table with smaller break-out tables around the edges of the room. There is a screen that can either be used with the connected PC or a laptop and a mobile whiteboard. There is a small library at the back of the room and user-controlled heating and air conditioning.

Cadbury Room