Dr Beverly Adab

Honorary Fellow in Translation Studies and French

Beverly Adab joined Aston University in 1990, where she was a member of the School of Languages and Social Sciences until August 2011, taking on successively the roles of Head of French, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Deputy Dean and Head of Languages and Translation Studies group. She continues to be associated with Aston University, supervising PhD and MA students and working on specific projects.
  • First Class BA Hons (French/Italian subsid) – Birmingham
  • M Phil (French Studies) – Birmingham
  • PhD (Translation Studies) – Aston
  • Diploma in Translation of the Institute of Linguists
  • Advertising and Translation
  • Corpora in Translation
  • Semiotics and Translation
  • Translation Critique (with annotations)
  • Translation and Dubbing/Subtitling  


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  • Response to symposium paper, from one-day seminar at University of Surrey, “Translating into L2: Can we, should we?”
  • Paper at one-day conference organised by Dr Schäffner, under the umbrella of the Institute for Language and Society, at Aston, on March 22nd 2002: "Assessing Translation: the Contribution of Corpora".

Edited Journal

  • Schäffner C, Adab B, (2001) The Hybrid Text in Translation, Guest editors – special edition of Across Languages and Cultures, 2 (2). Budapest, Académiai Kiadó.


  • ADAB B J. (1994) “La Guerre des Ondes - Annotated Translation”. Essays in Annoted Translation (ed, Dr. C. Smith) Norwich Papers, University of East Anglia : (A)

Invited Papers 

  • Regular (annual) contributor to: Bibliography for Translation Studies, Manchester, St Jerome– a review of key texts for translation studies, updated annually.

Dr Adab hosted a BA Research Fellow, Dr Khalid Al Shehari of Sana'a University, Yemen in Summer 2007. Dr Al Shehari's research focused on intercultural problems in the translation of brand names for medicines and medicine-related products. The research considered, inter alia, culture-specific values, connotative associations and product image creations, within a functionalist approach. 
  • Fellow of The Institute of Linguists
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • The European Society for Translation Studies
  • Translation for Specialised Purposes
  • Terminology for Translation
  • Interpreting (E-F, F-E)
  • Final Year French Written Language
  • Intercultural Text Comparison
  • Professional Translation (undergraduate and MA)


  • A Bourdieusian perspective on translation of culture-specific references in the work of Naguib Mahfouz
  • Advertising: an LSP text type -  in translation


  • Representations of Kazakh culture in translation: how effective is mediated translation?
  • A Comparative Study of  Translations of the Arabian Nights for Children
  • Translating  Molière (Le Tartuffe) across the ages: reflections of social attitudes to women in translation decisions at different periods from 1900 to present day
  • Translating children’s literature: challenges of translating the Gruffalo into different languages
  • Translation and Interpreting training programs at undergraduate level in Kurdistan/Iraq, Potentials and limitations
  • Power relationships in the translation of Shakespearean literature into Mauritian Creole
  • Post Editing of Machine Translation and its role in professional translation
  • Crowd-sourcing and fan translation: a threat to translators or a useful complementary support
  • Translating Harry Potter : case study - into Czek: challenges and strategies
  • Translation Practices for National Geographic in Brazil
  • Translation profession norms: A comparison of codes of conduct from national translation organisations
  • Subtitling Taiwanese films into English
  • Representations of China: A comparative Translation Study on two Chinese Translations of Lin Yutang’s novel, Moment in Peking: how socio-cultural factors influence the translation.
  • Postcolonial translation: case study of the work of Hanif Kureshi
  • Translation of Humour in Audiovisual text: Case Study: Friends (E-Sp)
  • Bible translation: conveying the message