Alistair Markland

Teaching Associate, Politics & International Relations

marklandBefore joining Aston, I completed my ESRC-funded PhD at Aberystwyth University. To date, my research has focused on how NGOs and think-tanks produce knowledge about violent conflicts and human rights. I am particularly interested in the sociology of expertise, and how communities of non-governmental experts construct their narratives and shape political discourse. Building on this, I am currently conducting further research into how technology influences the practices of global human rights advocacy.


LP3108 Diplomacy and Soft Power

LP3127 Nationalism and Political Power

LP1030 Introduction to Concepts and Methods of International Relations

LP2106 International Relations: Theories

LP2109 Political Theories and Ideologies 

Room Number: NW803

Office Hours: Wednesdays (11.30-12.45) and Thursdays (10.30-11.45)

Tel: 0121 204 4590.