Dr Andrew Glencross

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

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I grew up in the north of England and am a graduate of the University of Cambridge (BA Social and Political Studies and M.Phil. Historical Studies) as well as a former Joseph Hodges Choate Fellow at Harvard University from 2000-01.

My PhD studies took me to Florence, where I completed my dissertation at the European University Institute under the masterful supervision of Friedrich Kratochwil. From 2008-10 I had the great pleasure of being a lecturer in the International Relations Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I returned to Europe in Autumn 2010 to take up a lectureship at the University of Aberdeen, before moving to the University of Stirling in 2013. In January 2017 I began teaching at Aston University.

My research interests include European integration, especially the ongoing Brexit negotiations and issues to do with the Eurozone, as well as international relations theory. Those are subjects I blog on for outlets such as the Conversation or the LSE’s EUROPP. Prospective research students in those areas are welcome to drop me a line to discuss possible projects. At Aston I teach Introduction to Studying and Researching Politics for first-year undergrads and other modules for third-years and post-graduates.

I’m a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia and also an Associate Editor at ECPR Press.

Email:  a.glencross@aston.ac.uk

Tel: 0121 204 5071

Room: NW922C

Twitter: @a_glencross

  • Ph.D., Political Science, Department of Social and Political Science, European University Institute, Florence, 2007
  • M.Phil., Historical Studies, University of Cambridge, 2002
  • BA, Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2000 


  • LP1029 Introduction to Studying and Researching Politics
  • LP3044 A Great Misunderstanding? Britain and the EU
  • LPM044 Debt, Rules, and Politics in the Eurozone


I am interested in supervising PhDs on the following topics:
  • European integration from the perspective of legitimacy and democracy
  • Brexit and its ramifications from the Article 50 negotiations to a future "Global Britain"
  • International relations theory