Dr Hermann Aubié

Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy 

Head and Shoulders Photo of Dr Hermann AubiéAfter working and studying in China and Finland for about ten years, I joined Aston in January 2017. My research interests focus on human rights, civil society transformations and disability rights advocacy in East Asia, with particular attention to how citizens use the law and media to promote sociopolitical change and to redress injustice for individuals/groups who are excluded.

Another strand of my research examines the emerging movement around a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Europe and East Asia from a comparative perspective.

I completed in 2016 a PhD dissertation titled "Liu Xiaobo's Human Rights Struggle. A Contextual Analysis from a Historical Perspective" which is soon coming out as a book. 

Email:  h.aubie@aston.ac.uk

Room: NW920a

Office hours: Wed 12-2 pm / Fri 12-2 pm

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Phone: 0121 204 4056

  • PhD in Social Sciences and Asian Studies, University of Turku, 2016
  • MA in European Studies, University of Western Brittany, 2007
  • LK2023 Welfare State and Welfare Change
  • LK1020 Social Issues
  • LK3036 Dissertation
  • LK3029 Learning to Labour? Education and Society
  • Aubié, H. (forthcoming 2017). “Freedom of Expression” in Handbook of Human Rights in China edited by Sarah Biddulph and Joshua Rosenzweig. Book chapter. Edward Elgar  Publishing Ltd
  • Aubié, H. and Wang X. (2016) “(Un)Doing Constitutionalism in China. The Cases of Liu Xiaobo and Xu Zhiyong” in Asian Studies Review.
  • Aubié, H. (2015) Liu Xiaobo’s Struggle for Human Rights: a Contextual Analysis from a Historical Perspective. PhD Dissertation. University of Turku Press.
  • Aubié, H. (2015). “Liu Xiaobo” in Berkshire dictionary of Chinese biography (vol. 4) (pp.344-349) edited by Kerry Brown. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group.
  • Aubié, H. and Wang X. (March 21, 2015) Fighting the Water Giant: Lawsuits against Veolia in China, China Policy Institute, Blog Entry.
  • Aubié, H. (September 2014) The Rise of Disability Rights Advocacy in China: Now is the Time for More International Support, China Policy Institute, Policy Paper Series.
  • Aubié, H. (2014) Is Liu Xiaobo a Rooted Cosmopolitan? A Critical Examination of his Dissent from a Historical Perspective, Cosmopolitanism and the Legacies of Dissent,  Routledge.