Dr Olga Castro

Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Translation Studies

Member of the Committee for Equality & Diversity in LSS / Coordinator of "Multilingualism and Translation" at the Centre for Language Research at Aston (CLaRA) / Member of Critical Inquiry into Society and Culture (CCISC)

Dr Olga Castro

Olga Castro joined Aston University as a Lecturer in Translation Studies and Spanish in September 2011. She is Head of Translation Studies and chairs the Equality & Diversity Committee in the School of Languages and Social Sciences. Since 2014 she is also Fellow of the Higher Academy.Prior to coming to Birmingham, Olga held academic positions at the University of Exeter and the University of Vigo, Spain. She completed her PhD in Translation Studies (with an European Doctorate Mention) at the University of Vigo in 2010, for which she was awarded the PhD Extraordinary Prize. She has a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Translation and Interpreting (Vigo), a BA in Translation and Interpreting (Vigo) and a BA in Media Studies and Journalism (University of de Santiago de Compostela, Spain).

Olga’s main research areas include feminist translation studies (namely approaches from historiography, literature, cultural studies and linguistics), translation in minorized and non-hegemonic cultures, the analysis of transnational travels of texts, as well as self-translation in multilingual contexts. Overall, her research focuses on the social and political role of translation in the construction of gender and cultural/national identities in a transnational world, with a particular focus on the non-hegemonic cultural/linguistic contexts of Spain. Other research interests include areas like Gender and Media Studies, Feminist Linguistics and Galician Studies. 

Olga's latest publications are Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives (Routledge), with Emek Ergun; and Self-Translation and Power: Negotiating Identities in European Multilingual Contexts  (Palgrave), with Dr Sergi Mainer and Dr Svetlana Page.

  • PhD in Translation Studies -- with European Mention; PhD Extraordinary Prize (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)
  • MRes (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Translation and Paratranslation (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)
  • BA (Licenciatura) in Translation and Interpreting (Universidade de Vigo, Spain)
  • BA (Licenciatura) in Journalism (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy     
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in Higher Education (Aston University, 2014)
  • Certificate in Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Instituto Cervantes, Spain, 2010)
  •  Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica, CAP (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 2007) 

Undergraduate Modules

  • LI3002 Interpreting Spanish
  • LI3005 LSP Translation
  • LS3004 Final Year Dissertation (supervision)
  • LI2008 Communication Across Cultures
  • LS2019 Spanish Media and Journalism
  • LU2001 Migrant and Transnational Cinema (Spanish)
  • LS1001 Spanish Language Skills


Postgraduate Modules

  • LIM010 Specialised (LSP) Translation Project
  • LIM007 Practical Translation (English-Spanish)
  • LIM008 Practical Translation (Spanish-English)
  • LRM001 Research Methods
  • LRM003 Dissertation

The principal direction of my research concerns the political role of translation in the construction of gender and cultural/national identities in the field of Hispanic Studies, with a focus on the Galician context. Having identified that at present there is little dialogue between Translation Studies and Feminist Theory within the context of Hispanic and Galician Studies, I intend to open up new avenues of dialogue, enriching the field of Translation Studies through interdisciplinary encounters with feminist historiography, literature, cultural studies and linguistics.

Other research interests include:

  • Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Linguistics
  • Ideology and Translation
  • Minority Languages and Translation
  • Self-translation in the Iberian context
  • Galician Translation Studies
  • Galician Literature translated into English
  • Gender and Media Studies 



Articles in refereed journals

Book chapters

Peer Reviews

I have written blind peer-reviews for The Translator, Target, Madrygal, the European Journal of Women’s Studies, Gender and Language, Lectora, revista de dones i sexualitat, Women Studies International Forum, Estudos de Lingüística Galega.

Consultant Editor

I am a consultant editor of Galicia 21: Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies, ed. by Martin Veiga and David Miranda [www.galicia21journal.org] 

Externally-funded Research Projects

I am currently taking part in the following research projects:

  • Project: “Bodies in Transit: Making Difference in Globalized Cultures”.
    Amount: € 45,000, January 2015-December 2018.
    Funding body: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness from Lead investigador: Dr. Belén Martín Lucas, Universidade de Vigo; and Dr. Pilar Cuder, Universidad de Huelva - Spain
  • Project: “Prostitución y medios de comunicación: construcción de la realidad y recepción de los contenidos mediáticos”
    Amount: € 41,050, December 2012-December 2015
    Funding body: Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, Instituto de la Mujer (Spanish Government)
    Lead investigator: Dr Luís Álvarez Pousa, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - Spain

I have contributed to:

  • Project: “Cultural Markets in Globalisation: Production, Circulation and Reception of Difference”.
    Amount: € 31,075, November 2010-November 2013.
    Funding body: Ministry of Sciences and Research (Spanish Government)
    Lead investigator: Dr Belén Martín-Lucas, Universidade de Vigo - Spain
  • Project: “Neuter, point of view and sexed translation: from theories to strategies”.
    Amount: € 36,600. November 2009-November 2012 (Extension till Nov 2013)
    Funding body: Ministry of Sciences and Research (Spanish Government)
    Lead Investigator: Dr Mercedes Bengoechea, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid - Spain

Principal Investigator:

  • British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant (2018-2020).
  • "Stateless Cultures in Translation: The Case of 21st Century Basque, Catalan and Galician Literatures in the UK", £9300, Principal Investigator, Aston University


Conference Organization

  • Organizer of the Conference “Translation and Interpreting in Multilingual Contexts”, held at Aston University on 19 February 2016. More info here.
  • Member of the organizing committee of the 11th Triannual Conference of the International Association of Galician Studies “Galician Studies at the social-cultural turn: Identities in the Border, Migration, Exiles”, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 6-8 April 2015.
  • Co-organizer with Dr Sergi Mainer of International Conference on “Self-Translation in the Iberian Peninsula”, held at University College Cork between 20-21 September 2013.
  • Member of the organizing committee of the X Triannual Conference of the International Association of Galician Studies “Galiza in the Atlantic Arch: A Multidisciplinary Vision of Galician Studies”, held in Caerdydd/Cardiff between 12-14 September 2012.

Research Seminars

I have given papers by invitation to research seminars at:

  • University of California Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES (January 2015)
  • University of Birmingham, UK (Centre for Galician Studies, November 2013)
  • University of Manchester, UK (CTIS Seminar, November 2013)
  • University of Warwick (Faculty of Arts, December 2012)
  • University of Exeter (College of Humanities, May 2012)
  • University of Birmingham (Centre for Galician Studies, March 2012)
  • Københavns Universitet - University of Copenhagen, DENMARK (PhD course “A World of Translation”, May 2011)
  • University of Oxford (Centre for Galician Studies, Trinity College, May 2011)
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN (Xornadas Comunicación e Xénero, March 2009)
  • Universitat de Vic, Barcelona, SPAIN (Seminari d’investigació en traducció, February 2008)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (Linguistics Research Seminar, December 2007)
  • Prifysgol Bangor/Bangor University, CYMRU/WALES (Modern Languages Research Forum, November 2007 

Conference papers

Unpublished conference papers by invitation:

  • University of Oslo, NORWAY (Conference: Gender, Translation and Transnational Reception, November 2015).
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Illinois, UNITED STATES (Symposium “Galician Studies North America: Creating Community, Bridging Gaps”, April 2015).
  • Consello da Cultura Galega, Santiago, SPAIN (Seminario Internacional “Estudos Galegos/Estudos Ibéricos alén das fronteiras”, December 2014).
  • Universidade de Vigo, SPAIN (Xornada de sensibilización “Violencias simbólicas: intervencións desde a cultura”, October 2014)
  • University of Oxford, UK (Symposium ‘Translating European Languages: Ideology and Censorship, November 2013)
  • Consello da Cultura Galega, GALICIA, SPAIN (International Conference: Rosalía no século XXI. Novas olladas, May 2013)
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, GALICIA, SPAIN (Summer School ‘VIII Novas fronteiras na igualdade de oportunidades’, July 2012)
  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA (Conference ‘Women and Language. Gender Issues in Translation’, April 2012)
  • University College Cork, Cork, IRELAND (Symposium ‘Translation and Nation’, February 2012)

I have also given papers at the following conferences:


  • Modern Language Association of North America
    Transnational Feminism and the Politics of Translation in the Twenty-First Century: The Galician Canon
    Austin, Texas, United States. 7-10 January 2016
  • Conference: Translating the Literatures of Small European Nations
    Self-translation across Borders: Author-Translator’s Role in Stateless Nations
    University of Bristol, UK, 8-10 September 2015
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2015: (De)Sexualisation & (De)Pornification of Space
    “Sex in the Media: A Discourse Analysis of Prostitution Ads in the Spanish Press”
    Chicago, US, 21-25 April 2015
  • Tri-Annual Conference: International Association for Galician Studies
    “Políticas de autotradución na literatura galega actual: re-creación, apropiación, resistencia”
    Universidad Nacional San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 6-8 April 2015
  • Conference: The Globalism of Literatures. The Voice of the Translator
    “(Self-)Translation in the Iberian Peninsula: Adaptation and/or Cultural Appropriation”
    University of California Santa Barbara, US, 23-25 January 2015
  • ‘The Gap between Feminist Translation and Hispanic Studies’. March 2013, University of Oxford. Annual Conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • ‘Doblemente subalternas: una aproximación a la traducción de autoras gallegas contemporáneas.’ January 2013. 6th International Conference Asociación Ibérica de Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • ‘Women Writers in Translation: Global Trends and Local Traits within the Galician context.’ October 2012, The University of Northampton, UK. Conference: Narratives of Difference in the Global Marketplace
  • Minority literatures in (self-)translation and beyond: Sleeping with the enemy?’. September 2012, Prifysgol Bangor/Bangor University (Bangor, Cymru/Wales).    
  • ‘Xénero e nación nas traducións a inglés de Rosalía de Castro. Claves para unha (re)lectura feminista’. September 2012, International Association for Galician Studies, Prifysgol Caerdydd/Cardiff University, (Caerdydd/Cardiff, Cymru/Wales).
  • ‘Prostitución e medios de comunicación en Galiza: Unha achega á representación discursiva dos anuncios de sexo de pago’ (with Iván Cuevas and Belén Puñal). September 2012, International Association for Galician Studies, Prifysgol Caerdydd/Cardiff University, (Caerdydd/Cardiff, Cymru/Wales).
  • ‘Feminist linguistics and translation: or, on the need for a dialogue between the ivory tower and the wordface’. November 2011, Universitá della Calabria, Italy. International Conference on Translation and Gender: a Gap between Theory and Practice. 
  • ‘Translation and Feminism in Rosalía de Castro: new approaches to the (national) foundational myth of Galician Literature’. June 2011, Universitat de Vic, Barcelona. I Internacional Conference on Gender, Development and Textuality
  • ‘Feminist Translatology and/in Galician Studies: Encounters Between Gender and National Identities through Translation’. April 2011, University of Nottingham. Annual Conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • ‘Perspectivas feministas sobre los Estudios Gallegos de Traducción: Propuesta de traducción feminista en el marco de la tercera ola’. December 2010, Universidad de Málaga (Spain). Conference: ‘Mujer y Traducción’ [Woman and Translation]
  • Minority Languages in Contemporary Spain: the Authors’ Role in Promoting (or Not) Peripheral Literary Systems Through Translation’. June 2010, Swansea University / Prifysgol Abertawe. Conference: ‘The Author-Translator in the European Literary Tradition’
  • ‘Intervenciones feministas en la traducción literaria: del paratexto a la revisión lingüística’. June 2010, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain). Conference: ‘Paratextual Elements in Translation’
  • ‘Metodoloxías feministas nos estudos galegos: aplicacións recentes’. July 2009, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Conference: ‘Galicia nos contextos globais: perspectivas para o século XXI’ (IX Conference of the International Association of Galician Studies)
  • ‘The translation of gender and the gender of translation: New Paradigms of Feminist Translation Studies’. May 2008, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Conference: ‘New and Old Questions of Women and Gender Research’
  • ‘The Representation of Gender Identities in Translation: Ethics and Subversion in (Re)writing the Difference’. March 2008, University of Liverpool and Bangor University. Conference: ‘Coming out of the Nation: Beyond the National in Contemporary Galician Production’
  • ‘Feminist Rewriting: ¿A New Turn in Translation Studies?’. October 2007, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). Conference: ‘New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies’
  • ‘Feminismo y traducción: Compromiso social y desafio al patriarcado’. April 2007, Universidad de Granada (Spain). Conference: ‘Traducción y Compromiso Social’
  • ‘Gender and Language: New Approaches Towards the Linguistic Normalization of Galician’. April 2007, University of Aberdeen. Conference: Annual Conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • ‘Ideology and Censorship in Translations and Paratranslations of Le deuxième sexe, by Simone de Beauvoir’. November 2006, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal). Conference: ‘Translation And Censorship – From The 18th Century To The Present Day’
  • ‘Connecting Antipodes: Postcolonial and Feminist Arguments Proposing Linguistic and Social Reform’. October 2006, Universidade da Coruña (Spain). Conference: ‘Cultural and Historical Relations between Australia and Galicia: From Finisterrae to Terra Australis and Back’
  • Seguindo a pegada de Plácido Castro: O labor universalizador da literatura galega na actualidade’. November 2005, Fundacion Plácido Castro and Xunta de Galicia. Conference: ‘Plácido Castro e o seu tempo’.
  • ‘A tradución da literatura galega no mundo anglófono: o poder subversivo da tradución’. June 2005, Trinity College - Oxford University. Conference: ‘X Forum for Iberian Studies. Charting Transfers: Remapping Iberia’        

I am currently supervising the following PhD students:

  • Katy Osgood 'Translation, Gender and Empire: Women Arabic Translators in Victorian Britain’
  • Konstantinos Plisiotis (funded by LSS at Aston) 'Greece in Translation: Rewriting Nation in Translated Texts on Tourism and Culture’


I am co-supervising (with Dr Séverine Hubscher-Davidson, Open University):

  • Claudine Borg 'A literary translation in the making: investigating in-depth the process and product of a literary translation from French into Maltese'


I welcome enquiries from potential PhD students areas related to my research interests. 

I have been external examiner of PhD thesis at Salford University (2016), Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (2016 and 2015), Universidade de Vigo (2015), University of Manchester (2014), and Universitat de Valencia (2013). I have also examined an MRes thesis at University College Cork (2015).

  • Head of Translation Studies 
  • Chair of the LSS Equality and Diversity Committee
  • Coordinator of 'Translation and Multilingualism' at the Centre for Language Research at Aston (CLaRA)
  • Early Career representative for Languages and Translation Studies


  • Modern Languages Association (MLA), United States
  • European Society for Translation Studies (EST)
  • Association of Hispanists in Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI)
  • Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (FWSA) UK and Ireland
  • Association of Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WISPS)
  • Asociación da Crítica Galega (ACG)
  • International Association of Galician Studies (AIEG), of which I was Vice-President (2012-2015), after having been Secretary (2009-2012). See www.estudosgalegos.org
Room: NW918 
Phone:   0121 204 3752
Email:  o.castro@aston.ac.uk 
Twitter:  @olgacastro80