Dr Patricia Correa Vila

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Patricia Correa VilaPrior joining Aston as a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter (UK). I received my PhD in Politics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) in November 2015.

My research agenda is driven by a fundamental interest in the internal organization, and the electoral and governmental behaviour of political parties, especially in decentralized or federalized countries. To date, the primary purpose of my research has been to understand how political parties face changes in the political system and, hence, the party system where they compete. Parallel to this, my research has also focused in understanding the main characteristics and behaviour of middle-level party elites and party activists. 

Tel: 0121 204 4267

Email: p.correa-vila@aston.ac.uk

  • PhD in Politics (European Mention, 2015), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. 
  • Master and BA in Political Science, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.