Holly Snaith

Honorary Research Fellow 

Holly Snaith

Holly taught at Aston from 2012-2013, before moving to the University of Copenhagen to join the Eurochallenge project. She maintains an affiliation to Aston and ACE in particular as an Honorary Fellow. Her academic work has two distinct strands. Firstly, her primary empirical work is in comparative European political economy, although this is grounded in broader understandings of the global economy and the role of financial globalisation (and its interpretations) in shifting the terrain for government and sovereignty. In particular, she is interested in the role played by ideas and concepts in framing and co-constituting institutions. Alongside this, she is also developing a distinct research agenda in the field of pedagogy, centred around employability initiatives and the integration of quantitative methods in the undergraduate curriculum.

  • BA in Political Science (Birmingham) 
  • MA in Research Methods (Sheffield) 
  • PhD (Sheffield)


  • LP 2006 - Research Methods
  • LP 3024 - Political Parties and Party Systems
  • LP 2022 - Introduction to Political Economy
  • LP 2020 - The Institutions and Policies of the European Union


  • LPM003 - Research Methods

Economic and Monetary Union, the political economy of ideas, monetary and fiscal politics, multi level governance, comparative politics, research methods and epistemological justifications. 

For a regularly updated record of peer-reviewed publications, please see Holly’s page at Københavns Universitet here, or her google scholar record here. Working papers and records of conference participation and so on can be found on academia.edu here.

  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) 
  • Political Studies Association (PSA) 
  • British International Studies Association (BISA)