Ramesh Krishnamurthy

Visiting Academic Fellow

Ramesh Krishnamurthy
  • Born in Madras, India
  • Schooling mainly at Latymer Upper School, London
  • 1967-1970: Jesus College, Cambridge University
  • 1976-1983: School of Oriental and African Studies, London University
  • 1984-2003: Birmingham University, working on the COBUILD project (jointly run by Collins Dictionaries and Birmingham University), as lexicographer and editor on several dictionaries, grammar books, usage books, etc; and as corpus manager (helping to create the 450-million-word Bank of English corpus and other smaller corpora)
  • 1997-2004: freelance consultant; European language projects (Telri/TRACTOR, SENSEVAL, SELECT, ELDA/WBE); dictionary projects (Helicon, Macmillan, Routledge, CUP, xrefer); short courses and international workshops; Research Fellow (Computational Linguistics Group) and Visiting Lecturer at Wolverhampton University; Honorary Research Fellow at Birmingham University (Bilingual Panjabi Children’s Corpus; numerous conference presentations (ICAME, LREC, IATEFL, JALT, KOTESOL, Thai-TESOL, Spain-TESOL, Braz-TESOL, TESOL France, ETA-ROC, IWTDIL, etc) and guest lectures at universities
  • From August 2004 – Lecturer at Aston; Director of ACORN (Aston Corpus Network: http://acorn.aston.ac.uk)
  • BA/MA French and German (Cambridge)
  • BA Sanskrit (London)
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Lexis
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Lexicography
  • Collocation

Recent Presentations

  • 2008: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia: Using the ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) corpora for pedagogic purposes
  • 2008: University of Wolverhampton: The ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) project - helps you to learn language, academic skills... and Computer Science?
  • 2007: Herder-Institut, Universität Leipzig: English for Academic Purposes, corpora and ACORN (Aston Corpus Network)
  • 2007: English Teachers Association of Switzerland conference, Solothurn: ACORN (the Aston Corpus Network
  • 2007: BALEAP conference (with Iztok Kosem): The missing link between native-speaker and learners’ dictionaries? The need for an EAP dictionary
  • 2007: Corpus Linguistics conference (with Iztok Kosem): A New Venture in Corpus-Based Lexicography: towards a Dictionary of Academic English
  • 2007: Imperial College, London: Corpus-Driven Dictionaries
  • 2007: University of Sheffield: Corpora - from language description and lexicography to language teaching and learning: the ACORN (Aston Corpus Network) project
  • 2007: University of West of England: Lexical Discoveries from Corpora
  • 2007: University of Portsmouth: From Corpus-Driven-Dictionaries to Corpus-Driven-Language-Learning
  • 2005: JALT Conference, Shizuoka: Teaching and learning English metaphors
  • 2005: National Taiwan Normal University/Taiwan Association of Translation and Interpretation, Taipei: Corpora and Translation
  • 2005: National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan): Corpus Construction: Principles, Practices, and Problems
  • 2005: Academia Sinica, Institute of Linguistics (Nankang, Taiwan): Metaphor and its neglect in language teaching
  • 2005: National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan): Corpora and Dictionaries

Recent Publications

  • (in press) P. Larrivée & R.Krishnamurthy: La créativité et la conventionnalité de groupes nominaux atypiques déterminatn + pronom indéfini et leurs contextes communicatifs, in Actes de Represéntations du sens linguistique IV, Mémoires de la Sociéte Néophilologique de Helsinki
  • (in press) R. Grundmann & R. Krishnamurthy: The Discourse of Climate Change: A Corpus based approach,  in CADAAD Journal.
  • 2008: Corpus-driven Lexicography, International Journal of Lexicography 21/3, 231-242
  • 2007: R. Krishnamurthy & Iztok Kosem: Issues in creating a corpus for EAP pedagogy and research; Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Oxford: Elsevier
  • 2007: Iztok Kosem & R. Krishnamurthy: A New Venture in Corpus-Based Lexicography: towards a Dictionary of Academic English, in Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2007
  • 2007: (Co-Editor with W. Teubert) Corpus Linguistics (6 volumes), Critical Concepts in Linguistics series, London: Routledge
  • 2007: (with Wolfgang Teubert): Introduction, pp 1-37 in Corpus Linguistics (6 volumes), Critical Concepts in Linguistics series, London: Routledge
  • 2005: Corpus-Driven Lexicography; 2005: Corpus-Driven Lexicography; Concordances; Collocation; in Elsevier Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2nd edn), Oxford: Elsevier
  • 2004: Burning questions, but no burning answers: collocation and idiomaticity, pp 207-219 in KOTESOL 2002 Proceedings, ed R.J. Dickey, Seoul: KOTESOL
  • 2004: (Editor)English collocation studies: The OSTI Reportby John Sinclair, Susan Jones and Robert Daley, London: Continuum Books
  • 2004: COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary CD-Rom (Pronunciation Recording Manager), Glasgow: HarperCollins
  • 2004: Language Corpora on Computer and Dictionaries on CD-Rom pp 207-216 in KOTESOL Proceedings 2001, eds D.E. Shaffer & R.J. Dickey, Seoul: KOTESOL
Phone: 0121 204 3812 
Email: r.krishnamurthy@aston.ac.uk