Professor Christina Schäffner

Emeritus Professor of Translation Studies

Christina Schaeffner worked at Aston University from 1992 till 2015. She taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in translation studies, interpreting, text analysis, research methods, and she supervised MA dissertations and PhD students. In September 2015, she retired from her post as Professor of Translation Studies, but continues to be research active, e.g. through conference presentations, refereeing, giving guest lectures, and as a member of editorial boards of multiple journals. Her main research interests are political discourse and translation, metaphor in translation, and translation didactics. For several years, she has been a member of the international CETRA staff (annual summer school for PhD students in translation studies), and was CETRA chair professor in 2011. She was responsible for one of the four sub-projects of the Marie Curie initial training network TIME (Translation Research Training: an integrated and intersectoral model for Europe) which ran from 2011 till 2014 and was established with support from the European Commission.

From 2007-2009, she was a member of the EMT expert group set up by the Directorate General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission whose main task was to make specific proposals with a view to implementing a European Master's in Translation (EMT) throughout the European Union. She was also a member of the steering committee of OPTIMALE, an Erasmus academic network Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe.

  • PhD in Philology (Leipzig University, Germany)
  • MA in Foreign Language Teaching for Adults, English and Russian (Leipzig University) 
  • Translation Studies 
  • Text Linguistics 
  • Critical discourse analysis/Political discourse analysis 
  • Metaphor research (esp. in political texts and from a translational perspective) 
  • Translation didactics 


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  • European Society for Translation Studies (EST Secretary General from 198 to 2004)
  • International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics (CIoL)
  • Gesellschaft fur Angewande Liguistik (GAL, Germany)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Sprache in der Politik" e.V. (Germany)

In November 2012,  Christina   Schäffner  conducted a series of workshops related to translator competence development and training the trainers at the School of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China.  These workshops attended by approximately 40 lecturers from universities of different parts of China. To see the video click here

Room: NW 901
Phone: 0121-204 3790