Dr Uwe Wunderlich

Lecturer in International Relations

Member of Senate /  Member of Programme Approval Sub-Committee /  Member of Quality and Programme Sub-Committee

Dr Uwe Wunderlich

I have joined Aston University in June 2006 having previously taught at Royal Holloway, the School of Oriental and African Studies and at the Universities of Reading, East Anglia and Magdeburg.

My research focuses primarily on comparative regionalism with an emphasis on Europe and Southeast Asia. Here, I am interested in the impact of context on the direction of regional projects. This includes the impact of crisis and variations in mass-politicisation and contestation of integration policies.

I am also very interested in the emergence of forms of post-national actorness and in the evolution of interregionalism within the multi-layered global governance environment.

  • Phd (2003, University of East Anglia)
  • MA in International Relations and Asia-Pacific Studies (1998, University of East Anglia)
  • Diplomkaufmann (1997, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg)
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Undergraduate Modules

  • LP1008 Introduction to International Relations 1
  • LP1021 Introduction to International Relations
  • LP2014 International Relations: Theories and Issues
  • LP3015 The International Relations of East Asia


Postgraduate Modules

  • LPM006 International Relations Theory
  • LPM014 The EU and East Asia: Changing Dynamics in Interregional Relations
  • LPM019 The EU as a Global Actor
  • LPM026 Globalisation, Regionalism and Global Governance
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  • (2007b) ‘Recognising Regions in a Global Context’, Paper presented at PIR Conference The International Role of the EU – New Patterns of Global Governance, Aston University, Birmingham, June 2007. 
  • (2004a) ‘The New Regionalism Revisited – Bridging International Relations and European Studies’, Paper presented at the International Relations Research in Progress Seminar Series, University of Sussex, Brighton, October 18, 2004. 
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  • (2002a) ‘The Impact of Globalisation on International Security – The Case of the Taiwan Strait’, Paper presented at the 2002 North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) Conference, University of Chicago, June 27-30, 2002. 
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  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy 
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) 
Room:  NW 812
Phone:  0121 204 3755
Email:  j.u.wunderlich@aston.ac.uk