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Did you know that 75% of world’s population don’t speak English at all?!

Knowing another language will help you communicate with others more effectively!

Key Benefits of the Languages for All scheme

Our Language for All scheme is free of charge to qualifying first year undergraduate students.

Join us and learn a new language or improve your existing language skills.

Get a certificate at the end of the year after successfully completing the module and passing the assessments

Language for All it’s an excellent preparation for placement abroad!

Make new friends and increase your intercultural awareness and strengthen your communication skills!

Linguists are highly desirable to global businesses, making you more employable, so enhance your CV and increase your employability

More benefits of language learning:

  • ·Your brain will grow
  • ·You will have a better memory
  • ·You will have better listening skills
  • ·You will have higher verbal and non-verbal intelligence
  • ·Your attention span will improve
  • ·You will be better at multitasking
  • ·You will be more creative
  • ·You will improve executive functions
  • ·You will be better at problem solving (even at maths!)
  • ·You will enhance your career opportunities
  • ·You will enhance your confidence and sense of achievement
  • ·You will earn more
  • ·You will become a better decision-maker
  • ·You’ll enjoy other cultures much better

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