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Frequently asked questions about the Languages for All scheme

(Q) Can I choose to go to a different group if I think the group allocated isn’t convenient for me? 
(A) Please note we try our best to put you in a group which doesn’t clash with your core modules however if you believe a different group time/day would be better for you please DON’T change your group yourself, get in touch with me on languages_for_all@aston.ac.uk and I will change your group depending on availability and group size.  

(Q) I have missed my assessments; does this mean I will be withdrawn from the module? 
(A) No you will not be withdrawn as assessments aren’t compulsory for Languages for All students. If you have missed your assessment/exam you will receive an automated email notifying you that you did not attend the exam or failed to submit the assessment. Please ignore this email it will not affect your academic average in any way. If you choose to only attend classes and not take the assessments you will not be awarded a certificate at the end of the year. 

However if you are taking a language module as part of your degree you will need to pass all your exams and assessments as the marks count towards your degree.  

(Q) I did not take my assessments in TP1 but I intend to take my assessments in TP2, will I get a certificate? 
(A) Yes if you are taking the module as an extra optional module, assuming you pass your TP2 assessments you will be awarded a certificate for work covered in TP2. Those who have completed and passed assessments for both TP1 and TP2 will get two certificates, one for TP1 and one for TP2. 

For credit bearing students you need to take all exams and assessments in TP1 and TP2 as the marks count towards your overall year average.  

(Q) I will be missing a few classes due to other unavoidable commitments, will I be withdrawn? 
(A) Please note if you fail to sign the register for three consecutive weeks we will email you; if you don’t get in touch with a valid reason for non-attendance you will be withdrawn. However if you miss classes due to health issues or other valid reasons you need to let me know at languages_for_all@aston.ac.uk or get in touch with your tutors who will make a note of this on the class list. If we know why you haven’t attended we will not withdraw you.  

Students taking the module for credits will need to make sure they attend all classes however if for valid reasons you have to miss a class it is important you catch up with your missed work and inform your tutor. 

(Q) If I stop attending will I automatically be withdrawn? 
(A) No, you need to contact the admin team on languages_for_all@aston.ac.uk who will then be able to process your withdrawal. If you don’t inform us you will still be enrolled onto the module and therefore any missed classes will be recorded as un-authorised absence.  

 (Q) Can I be enrolled on more than one language module? 
(A) We don’t recommend you take on too much as it can be quite overwhelming. Students taking a language as part of their degree can choose to benefit from the Languages for All scheme in their first year and select a second language however students only taking the option module will only be allowed to enrol on one language class (depending on availability)