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Nabeeda Bakali
Nabeeda Bakali, Arabic Beginners

 "It was really useful doing this course as I had a lot of fun and learnt things along the way. I feel this would be useful as I plan to work abroad anyway so I feel having a language like Arabic would be advantageous"

Olusola Moyosore Ladele
Olusola Ladele, French Beginners

"The language experience has been great and I’ve been supported by my tutors. This has motivated me to pursue the French language and culture"

james hill
James Hill, Japanese Beginners

"Very enjoyable experience; teacher is knowledgeable and teaches in a very effective format. It will greatly help me ain a basic grasp of Japanese that I can put into practise when I travel there"

Matthew Lukanoff
Matthew Lukanoff, Spanish Advanced

"The program was amazing! I loved how the course is design in such a way that focuses on speaking and listening as well as writing. I met a lot of awesome people and had a great laugh while enhancing my Spanish"

Hannah Pitt
Hannah Pitt, Spanish Beginners

"Deciding to take up Spanish on the LFA programme was, for me, one of the best decisions I have made since coming to university. As a language enthusiast myself, having the opportunity to learn a language for free was perfect and it was one of the many things that made me decide to choose Aston as my first choice university. The tutors are brilliant, very enthusiastic and well-prepared for the seminars. The programme has even encouraged me to want to continue Spanish in the following years. I couldn’t be happier with the programme, it’s a great opportunity and the tuition is brilliant. Definitely worth it"

Nor Tawfiq
Nor Tawfiq, Arabic Advanced

Although having already achieved "Arabic at GCSE level, I wanted to enhance my knowledge and be certified with the language at a higher level. At first I contemplated the idea of whether taking on an extra language course would affect my degree however; this was certainly not the case and taking on challenges at university was definitely a step I had to take. And so I did, and definitely do not regret doing so! It will be extremely useful for me in the future as my dream career is to teach abroad, thus having a certificate for an extra language will be very beneficial.I would certainly recommend for anyone to take on a language course at Aston at any level, as it is definitely a great opportunity to learn, make new friends and a nice break from studies!"