August 2013

  • What makes a sandwich year so tasty? Sandwich yearMany students don't realise you can include an industry placement year in your degree – those who do tend to earn higher salaries when they graduate. 07 August 2013
  • Go on, give us your waste! The EBRI Pyroformer has been named 'Best Technological Breakthrough'The European Bioenergy Research Institute is asking West Midlands businesses and manufacturers to send their waste for testing in a new bio-energy technology developed by its researchers. 07 August 2013
  • UK university, IIT Ropar to end stubble burning Local and regional media learn more about the project and technology.Jointly developed by UK-based Aston University and IIT Ropar, Pyroformer a tech marvel that takes waste products and residues (such as husks and straw) and converts them into oils, gas and biochar. 08 August 2013
  • Do women need to be funnier in the boardroom? Business meetingResearch by Aston University professor of applied linguistics Judith Baxter showed that female bosses are widely perceived to be not funny and most their attempts at humour are met with uncomfortable silence. 29 August 2013
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