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Business person

Times Higher Education - Entrepreneurial spirit crushed

There was a dramatic decline in the number of people from the world's richest nations launching businesses during the economic downturn, research has shown. Professor Mark Hart, Aston University's Economics and Strategy Group directed The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor project.

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General Election 2010

Birmingham Mail - National Insurance key to city debate

The controversial planned hike in National Insurance was one of the hot issues raised by Birmingham business leaders as they challenged three election hopefuls at a debate held at Aston Business School.

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Kestrel cam

RSPB - Boffin birds on film. Zooming in on a very special academic family in Birmingham.

The RSPB will be linking up to Aston University's Kestrel Cam this spring and summer.

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Ayo & Paul Hebron

Business Because - Aston Grad sets up book charity

An Aston University MBA graduate has helped to establish a new charity which will see books from Aston University's library shipped to books-deprived universities throughout Nigeria.

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Business person

The Business Desk - New Executive MBA to be launched

Aston University's Business School is to launch a new MBA for senior executives, following research that called for a different style of leader for the 21st century.

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