Aston Inaugural - Professor Anthony Hilton

Anthony Hilton

Professor Anthony Hilton, Deputy Executive Dean of Life & Health Sciences at Aston University

Date:  Thursday 29 June

Time:  18:30 start. Refreshments available from 17:30. A buffet will follow the lecture

Venue:  Sumpner  Lecture Theatre, 6th floor, Main Building, Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET

Over the past 20 years bacteria have gone from invisible creatures of obscurity, considered of little importance to the wider public than the cause of an inconvenient infection every now and again, to high on the public agenda and never far away from the news headlines. Much has happened to better our understanding of microbiology in recent years and to reveal the intimate relationship humans share with microbes, raising awareness of their multiple roles as our friends and foes.  In this lecture, Professor Anthony Hilton will lead you on a journey to discover the invisible world of microbiology, where microbes lurk and how to avoid becoming their next victim!

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