The transition towards a low carbon society

Low carbon vehicle launch

Tuesday 23 November 2010

ACCIS (Aston Centre for Critical Infrastructure and Services) is holding a workshop, focusing on a range of transition issues including, but not limited to, renewable energy provision, transformation of infrastructures, and the introduction of smart technologies. 

Speakers at the workshop will include:

  • Fred Steward, Policy Studies Institute

  • Heiko Gebauer, Eawag

  • John Grin, University of Amsterdam

  • Boelie Elzen, University of Twente

  • Olivier Coutard, LATTS, French National Centre for Scientific Research

  • Jonathan Rutherford, LATTS, French National Centre for Scientific Research 

  • Keith Baker, University of Southampton 

  • Timothy Foxon, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds 

There will also be presentations from Aston University on the CABLED project about the adoption of electric vehicles and EBRI, the European Bioenergy Research Institute.

The one-day workshop will provide a stimulating environment in which researchers can share knowledge, compare perspectives, identify shortfalls in current thinking and discuss possibilities for new collaborations.

Attendance at the workshop is free.  To reserve your place please contact Paula Whitehouse, Research Centre Coordinator,

Download PDF with further information