Islamic Finance for Corporate UK

Islamic business - The Way Forward event
Islamic finance is continuing to grow as a sector and the economic worth has ensured that the practices and skills of Islamic business have gained wide interest in the finance community. In 2010, the actual global size of the Islamic financial industry was equal to $1 trillion* and the Muslim community is estimated to account for 20% of the world’s population.**

*Global Islamic Finance Report (GIFR 2010)
** Research by MEED published on 09 July 2009 (extracted from GIFR 2010)

About the event:

Islamic Finance for Corporate UK is a conference organised bythe El Shaarani Research Centre for Islamic Business & Finance (EIBF) at Aston Business School, in partnership with Advantage West Midlands, Business Birmingham, Islamic Finance Advisory and Assurance Services (IFAAS) and Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB).

The conference focuses on the business opportunities that Islamic Finance can potentially create for the British and European corporate. It aims to demystify Islamic Finance for corporate decision makers, while giving them the opportunity to discuss their business needs directly with Islamic bankers and practitioners.

This is the second Islamic Finance event hosted by the El Shaarani Research Centre for Islamic Business & Finance (EIBF).

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