How new stuff enters social reality


26th May 2011
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Sir Adrian Cadbury theatre, Aston Business School

Can we break open the jargon usage of "innovation" by comparing modern innovation theories to the ways in which other cultures have understood the processes by which "new stuff enters social reality"?

Everett Rogers' 'Diffusion of Innovation' curve has been one of the most influential descriptions of how new products and services reach mass adoption. By considering its history and use in comparison to models from Indian and Jewish philosophy, can we identify the most universal elements within Rogers model and also its more questionable assumptions? Through these comparisons, the aim is to see "innovation" in business and technology within the wider context of political and social change, how ideas and beliefs spread through society, and how radical changes in the structure of our businesses and organisations could emerge in response to the crises and opportunities of the 21st century.

Dougald Hine is a public thinker, social activator, entrepreneur, writer, editor and ecologist. The co-initiator the Dark Mountain Project, co-Founder of the School of Everything and Space Makers Agency, Dougald is now involved in a series of extraordinary initiatives around the role of the public intellectual and new forms of Universities.

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