Restoring youthful vision with bionic implants

Contact lenses

12 May 2011, 6.30pm
Sumpner Lecture Theatre
Main Building, Aston University

Inaugural Lecture by Professor James Wolffsohn

Unless the optics of your eye perfectly complements its length, you will have a refractive error. Even if you don’t by about 45 years old your arms aren’t long enough for your eye’s reduced focusing range and this ageing decline starts before your teens! Professor Wolffsohn’s address will explain the advent of intraocular lenses how they restore vision after cataract surgery to around one-third of a million people in the UK each year. Technological advances have improved the accuracy of predicting the correct power of intraocular lenses, reducing reliance on spectacles or contact lenses after implantation surgery to see in the distance. Changing the optics of these minute lenses can restore some close up vision, but not without compromise. Therefore explore with him the multi-disciplinary science behind making these intraocular lenses bionic – from the laboratory to implantation in patients. Take this opportunity to see into the eye and witness future vision.