Photonics and Sensing Showcase

blue fibers

On Tuesday 28th February the Photonics Research Group at Aston and the Business Partnership Unit held a showcase event to illustrate the wide range of industrial applications for photonics and sensing technologies and to share success stories from industrial collaborations to date. 

Many delegates from SME's to large companies attended this interactive and informative half-day event.

The Photonics and Sensing Showcase programme included:

  • a welcome by Aston University's Vice Chancellor Professor Julia King
  • a talk by Dr. Peter Foote, Executive Scientist at BAE Systems (Operations) Ltd. on his personal experience of working with Aston University
  • a talk by David Robinson, Founder and Managing Director of Arden Photonics on his experience of collaboration with Aston University.
  • opportunity to look around our laboratories
  • sessions on the scope of activities that the Photonics Research Group are involved with.

The applications areas for optical sensing techniques are very wide - covering wind turbine performance monitoring, oil and gas exploration, bridge and tunnel monitoring, other structural monitoring, marine defence and health. 

Optical fibre gratings can be configured to sense strain, bending, pressure, temperature and refractive index, which allows their use in a wide range of medical applications.

If you have any queries about this event or would like further information, please contact