Aston Inaugural - Professor Ian Holliday 18 February 2015

Seeing Sense

Ian Holliday
Professor Ian Holliday

Inaugural Lecture by Ian Holliday, Professor of Psychology from the School of Life and Health Sciences 

Date: Wednesday 18th February 2015

Time: 6.30pm start with tea and coffee from 6.00pm. 

A free buffet will follow the lecture.

Venue: Sumpner Lecture Theatre, 6th Floor, Main Building, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET (Just a short walk from Birmingham City Centre)

About the lecture 

Understanding how light captured by our eyes is transformed by the brain to create the world we see around us is the challenge faced by scientists seeking to explain how visual perception works. 

Theories of visual perception are as old as science itself, perhaps older, yet every year new and exciting insights into the problem of vision are discovered from observations in patients, psychological studies, brain scanning, computational modelling and many other avenues of research.

This lecture will introduce some of these discoveries and show why there is more to vision than meets the eye.

About the speaker

Professor Ian Holliday is Lecturer on the Psychology Teaching Programme in the School of Life and Health Sciences and member of the Aston Brain Centre, a unique  integrated research environment for the study of neurodevelopment in health and disease. His main research focuses on human vision,  both normal and abnormal,  using  psychophysical methods to explore. 

Reasons to attend 

  • Hear from a renowned speaker in clinical and systems neuroscience 
  • Learn about the impact Aston’s research has on society
  • Network over a complimentary buffet with local business professionals and academics from the School of Life and Health Sciences

For further information and to register, please contact Emma Tromans on 0121 204 4542 or email

The lectures are open to the general public and there is no entry charge.