Aston Debates - Health & Immigration on 25th March

Aston Debates 2015

Immigration – should we control our own borders?

Health - can we still afford the NHS?

25th March, Sumpner Lecture Theatre, Aston University 6.00-8.00pm.

Pre-event refreshments will be available from 5.15pm.

Immigration - If politicians’ doorstep stories are to be believed, is shaping up nicely – again - as a key issue for voters. And despite evidence that new arrivals make a net contribution to the UK economy our main political parties continue to present them as a drain on public resources and appear engaged in a competition to demonstrate who can take the toughest stance.  How should we really respond to immigration?

Health - When the NHS was created it was believed that once the general health of the nation improved the costs of healthcare would eventually decline – the so-called ‘Beveridge fallacy’. Although health spending has risen it may still be inappropriate to describe it as a ‘bottomless pit’ – the healthcare needs of the UK may be both predictable and manageable. Although few UK policymakers look to the US for inspiration some argue in favour of a ‘European’ social insurance model (funded by employees, employers and the state) whilst others argue for marketisation and greater private sector participation in the healthcare sector in order to boost investment and, through competition, drive down the costs of services - giving taxpayers better value for money.   

Guest speakers
David Kirwan – Senior Regional Officer, Royal College of Nursing
Professor Jonathan Tritter – Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Aston University
Roger McKenzie – Assistant General Secretary, UNISON
Dr Katherine Tonkiss – Lecturer in Sociology, Aston University

The debate will be facilitated by community activist and political radio presenter  Charmaine Burton, a former Aston University student.   

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