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Image Name Biography Expertise
 Dr Agelos Delis Agelos is an economics expert who primarily conducts research on topics related to international economics. In particular, the relationship between globalisation and wage inequality in developed economies, the effect of exporting on firms'... international economics, microeconomics, applied econometrics, trade and exports in the US and Greek manufacturing sectors, Brexit and the UK economy
 Dr Becky Mallaband Becky is a lecturer in product design and a researcher in user centred design. Her specialist area is domestic energy, although she applies her knowledge to a range of subject areas. Her work includes studying user behaviour and feedback, and... user centred design, domestic energy reduction, design for people, behaviour change,
 Dr Cathy Slack One of Aston’s new research talents, Cathy’s interests focus on understanding the biological mechanisms of ageing – using the fruit fly to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms that govern ageing and its associated functional decline. She... Ageing, molecular mechanisms, cellular mechanisms,
 Dr Chris Jones Chris's research interests are in various areas of international economics and business. His doctoral thesis looked at the political economy of trade policy in Africa. Since then, he has written papers on economic growth, trade and foreign... international business and economics, trade policy in Africa, economic growth in developing countries, foreign direct investment, tobacco industry, tax havens, British economy, fiscal policy
 Dr Claire Farrow Claire's interests concern the factors influencing eating behaviour and weight gain or loss, particularly in children. Her research explores how adults influence child feeding, eating behaviour and weight through the feeding practices and... eating behaviours, overweight, food choices, child food preferences
 Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick Daniel's main interests are in the study of regulation, public policy, British politics and theories of state transformation. His book, 'The Politics of UK Regulation: Between Tradition, Contingency and Crisis', was published in... British politics, regulation, public policy, UK elections, politics of sport and football, political parties and party systems
 Dr Ed Turner Ed is a senior lecturer in politics, with a particular interest in federalism, decentralisation and public policy. He wrote his doctoral thesis about the impact of political parties on public policy at the sub-national level in Germany. Ed has a... German politics, housing policy, federalism, decentralisation, public policy, Brexit, European politics, German political parties
 Dr Eric Hill Eric is currently working on creating a dynamic model of Alzheimer's disease. This model moves the field away from animal research or the use of brain banks, to new developments in stem cell technology to create what he describes as a... stem cell technology; iPSC, Alzheimer's, MESO-BRAIN, toxicology
Dr Flor González Correa Flor's research revolves around transnational corporations, their impact on human rights, corporate accountability and apportioning responsibility. Before joining Aston, she lectured on political economy at University of Birmingham. Flor... business and human rights, transnational corporations, corporate accountability, political economy, economy and society, sociology and policy
 Dr Gareth Thomson Gareth's research interests fall into two fields - engineering education and biomedical engineering. In the former, his work focuses on active learning approaches, workspace design and innovative assessment methodologies. In the latter, he... smart systems design, medical product ergonomics, biomedical engineering, healthcare technology, surgical safety, workspace design, assessment methodology, engineering education
 Dr Geoffrey Stewart Morrison Geoff conducts research in forensic speech science and in evaluation of forensic evidence in general (forensic inference and statistics). His work covers technical, philosophical, and legal aspects of forensic science. He writes on the use of... forensic science, speech analysis, forensic inference and statistics, forensic voice comparison, speaker recognition and identification, forensic evidence
 Dr Ian Maidment An experienced researcher, manager and clinician, Ian has worked within multi-disciplinary international teams and published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Before joining academia in 2012, Ian spent 25 years as a practising pharmacist... MEMORABLE, medication management, pharmacological interventions, anti-cholinergic burden, dementia,
James Brown Dr James Brown James is a lecturer in biology and biomedical science and a researcher into obesity, diabetes and healthy ageing. He is a Trustee of the British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA), the world's oldest biogerontology research society. His... healthy ageing, diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, childhood obesity, nutrition, Alzheimer's, frailty,
 Dr Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik Jelena is Deputy Director of the Aston Centre for Europe and an expert in the politics of the Western Balkans, Serbia and Kosovo. She has written extensively on conflict in the region, its relationship with the European Union and the rest of the... politics and conflict in Balkans, Serbia and Kosovo, the Yugoslav Wars, refugee crisis in South Eastern Europe, Russia, peacebuilding, war studies,
 Dr Jill Johnson Jill's current research interests focus on the role of pericytes in chronic lung disease, specifically investigating the progenitor cell capacity of these cells and their ability to contribute to the pathogenesis of tissue fibrosis. Jill’s... chronic allergic asthma, pericytes, chronic lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis,