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Eco Power Ranger
Eco Power Ranger

10 July 2009

Aston University’s Student Switch Off campaign (SSO) has proved an extremely popular carbon-cutting success with students and university officials alike, and has even created a new breed of super-student, the Eco-Power Rangers.

Aston was one of only 11 UK universities to sign up to the new year long environmental campaign, which encourages students living in halls to save energy and electricity by following a few simple handy hints. This included not leaving lights on, turning TVs off instead of leaving them on standby and putting on an extra layer of clothing rather than turning up the thermostat. Over 300 students volunteered to become Eco-Power Rangers; these were undergraduates who signed up to this campaign to carry out these simple but effective green tasks. The scheme has proved to be a real success, with over 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide kept out of the atmosphere.This is the equivalent to £21,000 being saved in electricity expenditure.

Victoria Johnsen, Environment & Sustainability Officer at Aston said; “We’re delighted with the success of the scheme and will definitely be taking part in this again next year. It just goes to show that doing such small things, like turning a light off when you leave a room, or turning your washing machine down 10 degrees really can make a big difference.”

Students were encouraged to take part in the scheme through a range of initiatives, including being part of a facebook group, free entry tickets to night clubs such as Oceana, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For further information on the Switch Off Campaign, click here.


10th July 2009

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